10+ Savings in Cost & Effort

120+ Boomi Experts

ICoE Integration Center of Excellence

100+ Boomi Customers

600+ Boomi Certifications

Hosting service to Reduce Management time and implement best practices on Boomi hosting and maintenance

Today, organizations are not able to afford high maintenance cost and long setup times​, independent teams supporting each components leading to higher root cause analysis (RCA) for issues​, support on Boomi monthly runtime releases, health checks and housekeeping activities, expensive solutions for disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA)​, limitations on processing of very high volumes data, simultaneous process executions, Disk storage and Maximum availability of execution history; limited customization on Cloud offerings​, integration with on-premises applications​ as also the expensive hosting service fee​.


How Can Jade Global Help You?


Jade Solution

  • Turnkey solution to design, host, setup and build integrations
  • Manage Infra and Boomi ongoing with best practices ​
  • Single point of ownership for Infra and Boomi​
  • Understanding the complete integration eco system to better handle the workloads ​
  • Right size the infra with supporting data and trends​



  • Centralized Security policies​
  • Centralized Monitoring team
  • Access Audit logging​
  • Custom Role setup for each customer environment​

Boomi Architecture:

  • High Availability​
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Native Load Balancer​
  • API Gateway to handle Cloud Application requests ​
  • Bastion Stack for added security for Access

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