About the Client

The India subsidiary of this German automotive manufacturing heavyweight deals with automobiles. They deal with different segments i.e., Parts, Warranty, Sales and Services. It offers more than 25 models to its customers via 225 plus dealership facilities.

Business Challenges

  • Yearly Upgrade of the system.
  • To support Taiwan and India users at different time zones
  • Managing the resolvers’ licenses.
  • Working with multiple languages
  • Need to send the report to the resolver of the Assignment group

Business Requirements

  • Tier 2 support for Parts, Warranty, DealerKonnekt (India + Taiwan), UserKonnekt Modules and Dealer Care Management using Service Management System for both Dealers and resolvers
  • Enhance the capabilities for the additional Module using a Service Management System.
  • To develop a system/tool for the dealer to raise their issue and the resolver to resolve them accordingly.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be present in the system to priorities and close the tickets on time
  • Reports to fetch the ticket details and share it with the resolvers.
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The Solution

  • Jade Global proposed a solution based on Service Management (ITIL) methodology.
  • Proposed a structured team consisting of a team of Level 2 and Level 3 Support 2 Associates and 1 SDM.
  • WhatsApp gold integration to send messages to the dealer who raise the ticket.
  • Chinese Language integrated in the system for Taiwan Domain.
  • Popup added in the system for regular updates to the dealer.

The Business Benefits

  • Significant improvement in turnaround time for resolving tickets (Within the provided SLA).
  • Consistently maintaining Avg. 3.5 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) out of 4.
  • User Manual on basic troubleshooting tickets which results in less ticket creation by users.

We really appreciate the Jade Global team on their ownership and sincerity for the services they offer!! Considering the spread of our users and applications in organization, Jade Global has always catered on prompt basis, I believe that is the most important thing any client will expect! This always keeps us running our business without any interruptions!

- IT Business Partner