Automated the entire B2B transaction and data movement process, with effective integrations with Oracle EBS and SOA, multiple vendors, improved error tracking, and enhanced user interface.


Semiconductors Manufacturing

About the Client

Inphi is the leader in data movement interconnecting between and inside these data centers. They move big data fast, around the globe, with high quality and reliability. Inphi offers semiconductor components and optical subsystems to their networking original equipment manufacturer (OEM), optical module, cloud, and telecom service provider customers.

Business Challenges

  • Sometimes integrations tools fail to load the data
  • Incorrect data from the vendors

Business Requirements

  • Implement the B2B process
  • Integrate with Oracle EBS and SOA
  • Error tracking tool
  • Alert management
  • Integration with Multiple vendors
  • Clean up of data

The Solution

  • Jade Global helped with the successful automation of the B2B process
  • Implemented a powerful error tracking tool, with the user being able to process data manually if they need it
  • Clean up of data every 3 months to improve th

The Benefits

  • Streamlined complete end to end business processes across the business
  • Automatic data load from vendors minimizes manual processes
  • Flexibility to provide the same solution to a new vendor in B2B with minimal setup

This is to extend our appreciation for completing the B2B project with great efficacy. The effort put in by the Jade Global team is commendable. Once again, thanks for your hard work and dedication. Hope to see some performances from you in future assignments.