Client: SiriusXM

Industry: Broadcasting

About the Client

SiriusXM and its associated brands such as Pandora, Stitcher, SXM Media, AdsWizz, Simplecast, and SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services are at the forefront of a new era in audio entertainment and services. They provide an unparalleled subscription and ad-supported audio entertainment experience for listeners in the car, at home, or on the go with connected devices. Their mission is to revolutionize the audio industry, creating a future where everyone can effortlessly access the stories, music, and voices they adore, no matter their location.

Business Challenges

The client’s business faced the below key challenges while tracking carbon emissions data across different regions.

  • Determining various sources of emissions like buildings and vehicles
  • It was challenging to understand the mandatory fields while importing the data so that a carbon footprint gets created automatically
  • Understanding how calculations are happening for various gases based on different fuel types
  • Understanding and reading the out-of-box dashboards
  • There weren’t any standard reports for Net Zero objects, so created a few reports for energy uses and carbon footprint details
  • Need to schedule the Dashboards sync to reflect the newly imported data in Dashboards

Business Requirements

The client was tracking carbon emissions in an Excel spreadsheet across different regions, which was tedious and lacked actionable insights. They needed a cloud-based sustainability solution and implementation expert. Jade proposed Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to meet their requirements.

  • SiriusXM Pandora wanted to measure, track, and analyze all the carbon emission data in one place to form a Uniform Source of Truth for ESG reporting
  • They not only wanted to Shift from traditional spreadsheet-based carbon accounting to modern software tools but also to reduce costs and bring efficiency and automation to sustainability data management
  • They also wanted to track fuel and electricity consumption data for 70 Vehicles, 42 Commercial Building Spaces, 7 Data Centers, and 524 Repeaters and understand Scope 1 (Direct Emissions) and Scope 2 (Indirect Emissions), for which Pandora is accountable
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The Solution

Salesforce had recently launched Net Zero Cloud as a sustainability management platform and therefore wasn’t an easily available skillset with Salesforce implementation expertise. Jade, a Salesforce Implementation Partner, took the challenge, and Pandora trusted Jade with the vast and diverse skillset that Jade has!

  • We demonstrated that Salesforce Implemented Net Zero Cloud Service and advised Pandora to utilize Net Zero Cloud features for emission tracking.
  • Jade worked with Pandora stakeholders to identify different emission sources, brainstormed on the carbon accounting processes, and advised on the future courses of action.
  • Standardized the excel based templates aligned with Net Zero Cloud to enable single-click data upload for the Pandora IT team.
  • It enabled Analytics Studio for Net Zero Cloud to assist Pandora’s stakeholders with visually representing the Climate Action Dashboard and Audit Dashboard.

The Business Benefits:

With the Salesforce implementation of Net Zero Cloud:

  • The emission tracking timeline was reduced from several months to 8 weeks
  • The swift transition from legacy spreadsheet-based tracking to modern software tool
  • Efficient and automated real-time tracking of sustainability data
  • Quickly view, analyze, and report on environmental footprint with reliable, investor-grade data

“We hired Jade Global to implement Salesforce Sustainability Cloud or NetZero Cloud. This is comparatively new in the market, and few implementations experience to learn from. We were confident that Jade could deliver this when we selected them among other SI partners considering their resource quality and the cost. Our Stakeholders were happy that Jade Global has done an excellent job implementing the project within Time and Budget.”

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