Client - OSIsoft LLC

Industry - Computer Software, Enterprise Event Monitoring

About the Client

OSIsoft provides infrastructure software solutions. The company designs, develops and produces pre-packaged computer software that manages and connects sensor-based data and operations. They deliver the PI System, the enterprise infrastructure industry standard, for real-time data and events management. With installations in 107 countries, the OSIsoft PI System is used in manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers, oil and gas, facilities, and process industries. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft is headquartered in San Leandro, CA, with operations worldwide and is privately held.

Salesforce Oil and Gas - Project Scope and Overview

OSIsoft has successfully navigated its CRM and enterprise transformation journey, standardizing on the world’s leading CRM, Jade Global worked with PwC and OSIsoft to deliver critical business requirements for a WW Phase 2 engagement. Jade conducted a series of demos with key business users and continuously added value as the main point of contact for explaining business processes.

Jade was tasked with taking ownership and charge of the QA process for the project, along with serving as a bridge for all teams involved. Jade tested the integration between SAP and Boomi. Along with testing integrations, Jade created an extensive Regression Test Case Library, end-to-end Scenarios, Black Box, and Negative Scenarios, executed all scenarios, and took ownership of SIT and UAT. There was a heavy focus on creating end-to-end Flows and creating documentation, and Jade subject matter experts answered all business process-related questions from users.

Products & Services

  • Salesforce Partner Community
  • Salesforce CPQ Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Customer Community

Business Requirements

  • Salesforce CPQ Implementation
    • Product Configurations
    • Advanced Approvals
    • Discount Approvals and Tiers
    • Product Bundles
    • (PI server) Core Platform with Add-ons and Complex Bundles
    • New Products Introduction
  • Partner Community Implementation
    • Partner Onboarding
    • Products, Cases, and Services
    • Integrated with CPQ
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Business Challenges

Complex product configuration

Complex product configuration

Renewal pricing and accurate dates (leap year)

Dell Boomi integration and product mapping

Amendments with multiple quote lines

Amendments with multiple quote lines

Boomi integration and product mapping

Boomi integration and product mapping

Salesforce CPQ and Partner Community Implementation

Jade helped OSIsoft implement a Salesforce Partner Community Cloud, which focused on Partner Onboarding and Partner Support. Utilizing the Jade paradigm for Communities Implementation, Jade built a robust engagement portfolio for OSIsoft to be consistent with the delivery of new products and maintain an edge over competitors.

As a Salesforce CPQ customization and implementation partner, Jade performed the following processes for OSIsoft:

  • Contract Creation and Management
  • Product and Price Book Configuration
  • Optimize Product Selection Process
  • Quote Document and Order Processing of Product Bundles

Commitment to Shared Success

OSIsoft relied on Jade to create business process documentation and support by facilitating demos. Jade took ownership of the SIT and UAT periods and worked with SAP and IT owners to ensure test scenarios were fully covered. As a result, OSIsoft experienced improved interaction and relatively no gap between business owners, PwC, and Jade. OSIsoft trusted Jade to perform all QA activities and continues to work with Jade on other shared projects.

The Benefits

  • The entire company functioning as a single and cohesive organization
  • Efficient and precise communication
  • Training and small group sessions increased user adoption from 25% to 75% by project end
  • Discount automation helps sales reps gain business and close the quotations with less time and hassle
  • Improved discount approval process
  • Role hierarchy implementation
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