Client: HydraFacial inc

Industry: Lifestyle, Skincare

About the Client

HydraFacial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beauty Health. HydraFacial, is a non-invasive and approachable beauty health platform and ecosystem with a powerful community of aestheticians, consumers and partners, bridging medical and consumer retail to democratize and personalize skin care solutions for the masses.

To track down their new customers and existing customers and their subscriptions HF uses Salesforce system. HydraFacial’s Sales Teams wanted a more streamlined, detailed, and insightful Reporting framework to empower their sales team with valuable insights, HydraFacial wanted to implement Analytics dashboard which gives a single glance sales trend to their sales team.

Business Challenges

  • Using traditional dashboards provided by Salesforce have few limitations including:
    • Inability to control user visibility on a particular KPI within a Dashboard
    • Not having scalable reporting system that provides deeper insights to Sales Teams
    • No navigation capabilities between the dashboards
  • Sales team wanted a Reporting system that let them make quicker & better-informed decisions with actionable insights & real-time salesforce data

Business Requirements

HydraFacial wanted a Scalable reporting system that provides accurate insights to Sales Teams to help them take quicker & better-informed decisions with actionable & latest data. A more efficient CRM system with an improved reporting process that improves the entire sales cycle at HydraFacial, was the need of the hour. The primary objective of the project was to replace traditional salesforce dashboards with CRM Analytics dashboards due to visibility and navigation limitations of the former. The out of the box capabilities of Salesforce CRM Analytics fit better for the HydraFacial requirements.

  • Migrate existing salesforce dashboards to analytics
  • Create new analytics dashboards according to business needs
  • Create navigation between dashboards
  • Create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and visibility based on role hierarchy
  • Make dashboard visibility based on logged in user and hierarchy
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Products & Services

  • Salesforce CRM Analytics
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • JIRA for Project Governance

The Solution

  • Jade implementation team created analytics dashboard with all KPIs for Sales team to take a glance at monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales trends.
  • Realtime data refreshing with implementation of recipe scheduling.
  • With Rollup helper package, achieved multi-level accumulation of data from different objects
  • Innovative customization/workaround implemented to achieve navigation between dashboards by passing parameters

The Business Benefits

Using CRM Analytics, Jade laid the groundwork for a streamlined, more efficient CRM system with an improved reporting process that accelerates the entire sales cycle at HydraFacial. The migration to CRM Analytics and its powerful reporting features helped provide deeper, actionable insights to HydraFacial’s Sales teams about their customers. The following business benefits were achieved with implementation of CRM-Analytics:

  • Accurate revenue details and sales forecast
  • Revenue and Product wise benchmarking and comparison
  • User specific data visibility while navigation across dashboards
  • Jade have created a scalable and dynamic reporting system for HF by implementing analytics dashboards with real time refreshing data
  • KPI visibility to specific users by role hierarchy was achieved through Out of the box Salesforce CRM Analytics with very minimal maintenance requirements
  • Dynamic/parameter based navigation between the dashboards
  • Object Sync and Recipes were scheduled to run daily basis to sync analytics dashboard data with Salesforce live data

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Jade Global did an exceptional job building out CRM Analytics dashboards for our organization. From a project management perspective, the project was well organized, and they did a wonderful job communicating with our team about any updates. On Time and On Budget!

-Laura Nash,
Manager, Go-to-Market Systems - HydraFacial