Jade Global supported Cake4Kids a Non-profit organization determined to bring happiness to underprivileged children, by enhanching their IT capabilities using Salesforce Sales and Experience Cloud and successfully revolutionized the experiences for agency partners and case workers.

Client: Cake4kids

Industry: Non-Profit

About the Client

Cake4Kids is a non-profit organization based out of San Jose and has a volunteer base that delivers free custom homemade cakes for birthdays, and special occasions of ‘at-risk’ and ‘underserved’ youth across the country! Cake4Kids serves youth in foster or kinship care, living in group homes, survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking, living in low-income housing with or without a parent, or even homeless.

  • Workforce at Cake4KidsAgencies & Case Workers that manage Cake requests & their delivery
  • Bakers who bake the cakes for kids
  • Volunteers who help manage the operations effectively

Business Requirements, Issues & Challenges

Being a Non-Profit organization, having an efficient operation is critical for effective utilization of financial and organizational resources. Cake4Kids wanted to enhance processes that were time consuming and were leading to data inaccuracies in the system due to manual intervention. They also needed User Interfaces that was intuitive, user friendly and helped users increase their productivity.

Jade Global started engaging with Cake4kids users to understand their day-to-day operations, challenges, and pain points to come up with effective solutions that addresses the concerns of each user groups & has long terms benefits. We discovered that the problems revolved around building efficient processes, ensuring accuracy of data, and designing a new user experience.

When Jade interacted with Cake4Kids, they shared the following outcomes that would define the success of this project.

  • Reduce the amount of time taken to review and convert leads to Cake Requests
  • Reduce manual data entry effort to submit a cake request.
  • Increase accuracy of data and incorrect and inaccurate information in cake requests by using data from Salesforce Account and Contact records
  • Enable a view of Cake requests submitted by their agency for Case Workers, so that they can handle related queries and provide timely updates.
  • Updates and Notifications delivered on time to correct contact person

The Business Benefits Delivered

  • Cake4kids Volunteers handled 15% more Cake requests in the initial few months with the re-designed Cake Request Form.
  • Cake request queries have come down by approximately 20-30% because agencies now have access to the Cake Request lifecycle & Stages with their logins. As a result, Cake4kids can handle 15% more Cake requests also reported spending less time to resolve queries and provide updates to users for Cake requests.
  • Cake4kids was nearing a critical fundraising period and needed this project deliverables to Go Live before this period. Jade helped Cake4kids meet this deadline with Quick Release and avoid overlap.
  • A more Secure system was introduced. Validated Logins significantly reduced the risks of invalid or illegitimate cake requests.
  • Overall Data Quality increased by 25% and Accuracy of Accounts & Contacts data has increased by 35%. There are Fewer duplicates and more accurate mapping of Users with Agencies
  • Cost savings due the innovative login solution for CW Workers due to efficient use of existing licenses