Jade Global Helps Glassdoor, Inc. Increase Annual Membership Renewals by 13% with Salesforce CPQ

Client - Glassdoor, Inc.

Industry - Internet Media

About the Client

Glassdoor operates a user-generated online jobs and career community. It helps employees, job seekers and recruiters find and share information about companies and jobs including company reviews, interview questions, salary reports, CEO approval ratings and benefits. Its information portal holds a growing database of more than 8 million companies. Glassdoor was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Mill Valley, California.

Products & Services

  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Sumo Logic
  • Workday
  • Integration Platform – Dell Boomi
  • RevPro
  • Inhouse Databases
  • Google BDM

Client Speak

Thank you for all hard work that you contributed to fixing the issues to stabilize the full sandbox environment. We appreciate the discipline and collaboration that Jade Global has brought to reach the finish line successfully.

-Enterprise Applications

Business Requirements

  • Implement CPQ for booking and sales processes
  • Configure product bundling and individual product sales in CPQ
  • Support the Glassdoor amendment flow: add-on, upsell, cancellation, product swap, and renewal scenarios
  • Prevent booking errors by setting an adaptable configuration of validation and pricing rules
  • Set up effective approvals for business processes
  • Enable a platform with multi-currency support

Preparing a Business Solution for Future Growth

Glassdoor offers a variety of recruitment and branding solutions for business customers. Their executives wanted to reduce the frequency of scope errors in product quote calculations by automating company-wide manual calculation processes. Glassdoor’s IT and business leadership were interested in using Salesforce CPQ to formalize pricing, establish standardizations, and increase efficiencies in the sales process. Various independent software vendors provide IT services for Glassdoor, but Glassdoor wasn’t satisfied with the quality of service. Glassdoor’s executives viewed CPQ as a high-impact opportunity to provide the right sales tools to power future business growth.

Glassdoor selected Jade Global as their preferred Salesforce partner to deploy CPQ. Glassdoor’s executives were impressed by the quality of health check-ups previously performed by Jade. Glassdoor’s product offerings include various combinations of product bundles that take into consideration client subsidiaries, location, and currency. They wanted a new system capable of accurately calculating quotes based on valid combinations. Additionally, Glassdoor was looking to automate its renewal process and grow their bottom line.

Business Challenges

  • Existing deal creation process was time-consuming, error prone, and lengthy
  • Existing quote process was not advanced enough to meet IT and business needs
  • Specific Salesforce CPQ terms and pricing models were not supported out-of-the-box (OOTB)
  • OOTB functionalities did not meet Glassdoor’s business requirements Previous SteelBrick implementation
  • was not customized to meet Glassdoor’s business needs
  • Experimenting with new sales processes led to changes in scope, timeline, and effort estimations

Creating a Customized CPQ Experience

Glassdoor offers various products for their wide range of customers. Sales reps at Glassdoor must understand each product and price combination, especially when creating a new deal and speaking with prospective customers. When Glassdoor approach Jade Global, creating a new deal was time-consuming and error-prone. Glassdoor’s sales team often selected incorrect product combinations and made needless booking and pricing mistakes. Glassdoor wanted to build a deal creation process on the CPQ platform to fix these issues. Their leadership teams prioritized CPQ as a high-impact opportunity to provide the right tools to the sales team. Glassdoor saw CPQ as a foundational platform required to unlock new business value and continue their technology leadership.

When Jade Global initiated the Salesforce CPQ project, Glassdoor had specific requirements that could not be met with out-of-the box functionalities. Jade partnered with Salesforce.com, Inc. Professional Services Automation (PSA) to engineer a solution that met Glassdoor’s unique business and transaction selling needs. Jade’s development team is made up of highly skilled technical experts who customize and build enhancements on CPQ. Jade Global and Salesforce PSA leveraged a global CPQ Subject Matter Expert (SME) to review the architecture and help deliver a winning solution. During the Salesforce CPQ implementation phase, Glassdoor wanted to experiment with a new, standardized process for sales activities. However, to offer additional value to the business, the project scope, timelines, and effort estimations had to be reworked. Jade Global and Glassdoor worked in collaboration to brainstorm new ideas.

The Solution

  • Implementation of Salesforce CPQ and introduction of new products
  • Comprehensive contract management process with customized document templates
  • Platform-specific customizations to support Glassdoor’s pricing and subscription models using Salesforce Lightning
  • Customized branding guidelines using
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Integration with Google DBM and DFP for ads management
  • Dynamic and advanced approvals based on various Glassdoor business rules

Collaborative Workflow for Fast, Accurate, and Successful Implementations

From design, to development, through completion of the project, Jade Global followed a collaborative approach. The project teams at Jade and Glassdoor established a streamlined flow of activities. Jade assigned a dedicated professional to translate business benefits of each new product functionality. Weekly demos were held by Jade’s technical experts, and Glassdoor provided feedback on every feature. This allowed for easier amendments and faster implementations. Jade also implemented platform-specific customizations for Glassdoor using Salesforce Lightning.

Jade created customizations to support the fixed-price and duration-based subscription structure of Glassdoor’s product offerings. Salesforce Lightning automated and simplified the approval process. As a result, Glassdoor’s sales reps could create more frequent deals and calculate quotes faster, saving them time and energy.

While deploying Salesforce CPQ and Lightning, Jade ensured that all processes and features worked smoothly with Glassdoor’s existing systems. Jade integrated the new platform with Glassdoor’s existing Google Adwords DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This helped create efficient ad inventory and usage checks. The result was a seamless, scalable, and flexible integration that simplified business processes.

Once Salesforce CPQ ad Lightning were successfully deployed, Jade professionals trained Glassdoor’s teams on how to effectively and efficiently use the new system. Jade provided post go-live support and issue resolution

The Benefits

  • Decreased booking errors and increased productivity
  • Simpler and quicker deal preparation process with point and click functionality
  • Increased year-over-year membership renewals by 13%
  • Improved overall efficiency by more than 15%
  • More efficient and less complex flow of sales process and buyer cycles
  • Faster, cost-effective, and low maintenance platform
  • Highly scalable and customizable architecture capable of adapting to future technology upgrades and rising business needs

Business Benefits and Results

Since working with Jade Global, Glassdoor has a future-proof, highly scalable and customizable sales model. Overall efficiency at Glassdoor improved by more than 15%. The buyer cycle was reduced and booking errors caused by sales reps using the previous system were eliminated. Now, Glassdoor can streamline the flow of activities within a guided and automated system. Point and click functionalities in CPQ increased the speed of the sales deal preparation process.

Glassdoor’s sales reps have more time to focus on providing better customer service. Salesforce CPQ calculates quotes for all of Glassdoor’s product bundle combinations with 100% accuracy. This eliminates the possibility of manual errors when managing accounts and contracts with multiple customizations and currencies. Glassdoor also reported a 13% increase in year-over-year renewals. Jade’s Salesforce projects at Glassdoor helped create a simpler, faster, cost-effective, and low-maintenance platform.

Upgrading to the Salesforce Partner community with Lightning opened doors to a modern experience that aligns with Riverbed’s business goals and user needs.