Having worked with the Semicon industry since 2003, Jade Global accurately understands the need for transformation to keep up with innovation and demand. Jade Global’s Accelero Solution for Semicon Industry consists of our Prebuilt Oracle Cloud ERP environment to enable up to 40% faster implementation cycle. Prebuilt solution includes Preconfigured Business Processes and Metadata.

  • Order to Invoice
  • Demand to Delivery
  • Plan to Build
  • Procure to Pay
  • Record to Report
  • Asset to Retire
  • Call to Resolution
  • Master Data – Customer, Suppliers, Employees & Products, Metadata

Our Semicon industry solution is further augmented by our purpose-built solutions including:

  • Shop Floor Management for Cloud
  • Trade Management for Cloud Solution
  • Integration Solutions with Partners
    • B2B Integrations with CMs, 3PLs and Distributors
    • Integrated Application Landscape – Salesforce, ERP, BI, PLM, EPM, Custom
  • WMS Implementation Accelerator
  • Excess and Obsolete Inventory
  • Revenue Automation Solution
  • M&A Solution for ERP and CRM
  • Prebuilt Analytics including Cost & Variance Analysis and Lot Genealogy

Choose a long-term partner for your business. Together with our strong track record and knowledge of 30+ clients device manufacturing companies and our industry solutions, we help deliver digital transformation for your organization.

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Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM)


Lot Based Manufacturing solution for the Fabless Semicon Industry is not available in many ERP applications. To meet the requirements of this industry, Jade has built a solution that can be deployed on Oracle PaaS and integrated into Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS and NetSuite using native APIs. This solution is highly modular and can be used for any ERP application. To know more, click here

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Some Client Love

Jade Global is our trusted AMS partner so it was a natural choice to engage them for our Oracle RMCS implementation. They provide a mix of deep Oracle experience and knowledge in ASC 606 that supported our shift in our revenue recognition approach. As promised, Jade provided a team that ramped up quickly so we could meet our accelerated timeline. The team was dedicated and worked seamlessly with our other partners which resulted in a successful go-live. We couldn’t have completed this project on our timeline without their engagement.

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