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Oracle cloud SaaS applications do not have a trade management solution, typically used by Hi- Tech Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors. Jade has built a solution to bridge this gap and provide these organizations a solution to manage their trade budgets (promotions), claims and chargebacks effectively. This solution can be extended to multiple other industries as well as ERP applications.

Why Trade Management?

In fusion/cloud SaaS, Trade Management module is not released yet. This is also the case with many other ERP applications. To meet the requirement, Jade has built a solution using Oracle Cloud PaaS and Fusion Cloud SaaS integration APIs, in order to provide customers with a fully integrated, seamless trade management solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS applications. This trade management solution is highly modular in nature and can be used for any other ERP application.

The key features of this solution include:

  • Managing trade budgets related to business promotions, design-wins, special pricing requests, rebates, deductions, freights, etc.
  • Configuration options for budgets and claims to be at multiple levels – customer account, bill to, ship to, order type, product category, individual product, fulfillment organization, etc. This is configurable and be extended to other business drivers.
  • Managing Approval and consumption of budgeted funds.
  • Automatic budget accruals and budget utilization for trade transactions, based on preconfigured parameters.
  • Managing Claims life cycle - Entry, splitting, approval, rejection, accounting and closure
  • Allow claims in both directions – for and against a channel partner
  • Bulk Claims Entry through File Upload [ high volume of transactions]
  • Mass settlement of approved claims with on account credit memo in AR
  • Integrations with AR, AP and order management in Oracle cloud
  • Trade funds and claim expense accounting
  • Aging of pending claims by customer account
  • Analysis and management reporting – Budget summery [ by customer, by budget type]

Application Schematic for Jade Trade Management Solution

Jade Trade Management Solution

Business Challenges

Some of the key business challenges include:

  • Lack of an efficient and digital trade management solution in Oracle Cloud SaaS and many other ERP applications
  • High degree of complexity in the trade management processes
  • Lack of skilled professionals and subject matter experts in the market.
  • Need for integrations with core ERP processes such as Receivables, Payables, and Order Management and Revenue Management processes. Need expertise in both trade management and core ERP processes.
  • Need a seamless and configurable accounting process for budgets and claims
  • Potential of revenue leaks attributed to lack of a solid systemic solution
  • High volumes of transactions need an automated and simplified process to lower cost of operations and maintenance.

Solution Overview

ou can Search claims for the specific Customer, Reason Code and Receipt Number using the first section. In the Second section you can search transaction number against which you want to settle these claims. Finally select Claims to settle. Once you submit the Invoice for the amount of claims selected and applied against the transaction number selected.

  • Managing trade/ promotion funds (Budgets)
    • You can create/Upload budgets through Budget Management.
    • Single Budget Entry – Using budget workbench.
    • Mass Budget Upload – File upload using ADI templates.
    • Adjust Budgets – Update and save changes.
  • Splitting Claims Incase of partial approved/ rejected claim, original claim can be split in to number of claims for ease of claims management
    • The new claim will be created same as the original claim with the same Claim number postfix by _(count).
  • Mass settlement of claims with Open AR credit memo using a 3 simple steps process:
    • Search pending claims for settlement ( by Customer Name, by Trade funds).
    • Search Open AR CM in TM mass settlement form.
    • Save and commit the application.
  • Claims entry, approval, rejection, and life cycle management
    • Automated claim creation in TM through receipt application process in AR.
    • Settlement of claims using different settlement methods [ Credit Memo, Chargeback etc.]
    • Automatic Credit Memo, Chargeback Invoice creation in Fusion AR.
    • Claim once registered can be tracked in each stage till it gets settled.
  • Bulk Claims Entry through File Upload In case of high volume of claims getting registered in a busy season. Claims can be registered using file upload feature using 3 simple steps process:
    • Download sample template from claims workbench.
    • Enter Claim lines.
    • Upload claims file by click of button.
    • Claims are created for each line in the file.
  • Reporting DashboardThe following reports are in Reports Dashboard
    • Budget Summary Report.
    • Claims Aging.
    • Customer Claims by Date Range and Status.
    • Customer Open Claims.
    • Billing History Report.

Services Offering

  • Implement Jade Trade Management for Oracle Cloud SaaS.
  • Implement Jade Trade Management Solution for any third-party application.
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Technical Aspects

  • We use Oracle PaaS platform with ADF, JCS and DBCS to build the application.
  • The integration is achieved with SOAP and REST web services.

Why should you choose Jade?

  • Prebuilt solution cuts down risk and cost of implementing trade management for our clients
  • We are experts in the retail and distribution industry and in the trade management functional domain
  • Jade Global has advanced expertise in the Hi-Tech, Retail and Distribution, and Manufacturing industries
  • We are Oracle trained and certified consultants in SaaS and EBS applications
  • We have Oracle technical expertise both onsite and offshore to bring the best value for our customers

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