Transformation with Oracle Fusion Cloud, Aligned to Manufacturing Cloud Business

Transformation with Oracle Fusion Cloud, Aligned to Manufacturing Cloud Business

Case Study Overview:

NE Coatings achieved a breakthrough transformation to align their business with the new modern manufacturing enterprise. This case study illustrates how NE Coatings meets its challenges by implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Client: NorthEast Coating

Industry: Quality Surface Treatment Solutions

About the Client:

Northeast Coating Technologies (TS Northeast Coating Technologies) is a provider of surface treatment solutions. It offers Physical vapor deposition (PVD) and Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings, plasma and salt bath nitriding, etc. The company also caters to firearms and medical sectors.

Their primary goal is to provide the customers with engineered surface treatment solutions at economical prices and unsurpassed service.

They offer a wide range of surface treatments for customers to choose from. Whether you require a diffusion treatment or a surface coating, Northeast Coating offers a solution for Customer’s application.

NE Coating’s Vision to Serve their Customers Better with Cloud Transformation

As NE Coatings was in the process of a business transformation, they were looking for scalable solutions that would enable them to operate leaner and be more agile in their manufacturing operations. Their focus is on helping customers achieve new levels of value added productivity and efficiency by delivering enhanced quality, functionality and aesthetics to manufactured products. However, they had multiple challenges-ranging from lack of visibility across the supply chain to tracking of work orders and inventory consumption and its traceability