Reimagine Digital Transformation through ServiceNow

Not limited to ITSM only anymore, ServiceNow is now a cross-departmental platform functioning as an enterprise cloud solution. It creates workflows that automate the process of data extraction, making it a rare offering.

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Improvement in Productivity


Early detection of security issues


Improvement in CSAT and NPS


Better inter-departments project delivery

Today’s IT departments are faced with constant demands to lower costs and improve infrastructure management, while also becoming more efficient and innovative. Jade Global’s ServiceNow experts understand the way you work. With decades of experience working with large and mid-size enterprises, we understand both the challenges of enterprise systems and the value of efficient IT services

Jade Global’s ServiceNow offerings will help your business manage your projects and workflow effectively, vital HR functionalities, and bring order to your customer service. It has a comprehensive range of web services and a variety of additional plug-ins & apps. What more, it comes with Artificial Intelligence and Automation capabilities.

Jade Global is a ServiceNow Premier Services Partner specializing in implementing ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, integrations, and building custom apps on the ServiceNow platform.

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Why Jade Global?

  • ServiceNow Premier Partner and certified business and Technology experts, delivering results for our customer
  • Improved custom development within the Now platform 80% faster as opposed to normal development time
  • 60 Implementations
  • 9.3 Average CSAT
  • 125 ServiceNow Consultants with experience to implement ServiceNow with multiple enterprise companies

Jade Global Capabilities

As a ServiceNow Premier Partner Jade Global answers to businesses’ particular requirements with wide-ranging and adaptive support and implementation offerings. We allow industry specific businesses to run their operations smoothly, by simplifying and automating their everyday processes.

Modernize your IT Infrastructure with Jade Global’s ServiceNow empowered advanced capabilities through Industry best practices, ability to solve complex issues and provide seamless interaction.

  • Managing & Resolving IT Issues
  • Offering Valuable insights on Service Delivery
  • Automate Workflows
  • Transparent IT Infrastructure
  • Workforce Empowerment

Get your Agents proactively involved in answering and resolving customer needs with automation, custom workflows, and highly personalized customer service.

  • Automated Responses to Recurring Issues
  • Providing Context-based Customer Experience
  • Dedicated & Reactive Service Support
  • Connected Service Delivery
  • Enhanced Inter-departmental Partnership

Do away with monotonous HR processes with automated workflows facilitating shorter resolution time and greater levels of employee engagement, by highlighting employee contributions and milestones leveraging our ServiceNow Partnership

  • New & Reinvented Approach to HR Service Delivery
  • Deliver Intuitive Employee Experience
  • Improved Departmental Productivity
  • Overall Business Efficiency
  • Nurturing Employee Engagement

We allow higher service uptime by effectively managing and circumventing issues. Using automation & operational intelligence, Jade Global’s ServiceNow enables businesses to stay prepared for unplanned occurrences.

  • Faster & Increased Operational Processes
  • Close Check on IT Infrastructure Health
  • Minimizing & Avoiding Service Outages
  • Maximizing Service Quality
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Our ServiceNow offerings help you strategize businesses by balancing costs, risks, business advantages. This allows you to manage businesses by facilitating calculated investments, and end-to-end resource transparency and orientation.

  • Increase Business Focus
  • Better Resource Utilization
  • Lower Project Cycle Timelines
  • Making Projects Easily Calculable
  • Cutting Cost Overruns

Service Offerings of ServiceNow

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IT Workflow

Make your IT operations smooth, simple and less disordered with ServiceNow’s IT Workflows that answer your business’ modern needs.

Employee Workflow

Make things easier, systematic, and easily accessible for your employees by empowering them through self-service, effective collaborations, virtual agents, mobile apps etc

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salesforce cpq

Customer Workflow

Become your customer’s one source and solution for all issues. ServiceNow’s AI-driven services make customer experience unique and powerful. Furthermore, they empower customers with advanced knowledge of imminent issues before they happen

Build Apps

The future lies in digital workflows. The Now Platform® allows no code to professional developers—to seamlessly work as a team to bring workflow apps rapidly to the business.

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