Jade has been in the industry for nearly two decades and has built a vast, satisfied client base situated across the globe, which is a testimonial of the value-add that Jade brings to the table by being a preferred partner.

Canto Digital Asset Management sets up teams for projects within a short period and helps clients to decrease time to market.

How Jade Can Help and the USPs Of Our Offerings as a Whole

The offerings that Jade provides in Application Development & Modernization are as follows:

  • Modernizing Legacy Application:
    Mature businesses have introduced many systems and applications that either need an uplift or move/migrate into the latest platforms while retaining their robust, proven processes. To achieve this, there is a great need for partners who not only can perform modernization, but also retain the legacy of the business process and enhance it if required; for such types of requirements, Jade is a perfect partner to help you in this space.
  • Modernization Due to Technology Enhancement:
    With extensive transformation and introduction of new technology platforms, there is a desire for all organizations to adopt the latest technology platform and build new applications; therefore, Jade is the perfect partner because we have extensive technology platforms in all leading technologies on the market.
  • Modernization to Adopt Cloud Strategy:
    As business requirements shifted to ease the load and decrease the investments of managing and maintaining the infrastructure within on-prem, businesses want to move their infrastructure and applications to the cloud to leverage the platforms offered as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • Building New Applications:
    As businesses evolve, there is a great need to build new applications on the web and mobile making Jade is the perfect partner for all your unique application building needs.
  • Revamping the Architectures and Tools:
    Older applications will require changes or refinements on their architecture, which leads to transformation. Organizations may have already chosen a specific way to perform integrations, either through tools or frameworks, and now want to migrate or setup new integrations platforms, which is a significant need for organizations across the globe; this is where Jade’s immense industry expertise can help.

Service Offerings

Our Capabilities

Cloud Application Development
  • SaaS, IaaS, IPaaS with AWS, Azure, and GCP
Open-Source Transformation
  • Enterprise Postgres, LAMP, MEAN, MERN, WordPress, Linux, and CNCF portfolio
Collaboration & Content Management
  • SharePoint, O365 Applications, Power Apps, Word Press, Drupal, Sitecore, Documentum
API Transformation
  • Service enables any application to be fully integrated with other applications and front-ended on a mobile, tablet, and the web, and now also includes RPA
Mobile Application Development
  • Apps, Tablets, Wearables, Smart Watches,
  • VR Devices
Legacy Application Transformation
  • Modernization service designed explicitly for legacy infra, midrange migrations to Open Source and .NET

Solutions services

how are our solutions/services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

The approach that Jade follows is unique: We partner with our clients to understand their existing landscape, think of a solution that suits their current capabilities and strengths, and then derive the right answer instead of giving a generic solution and architecture. This will help clients capitalize on the existing investments already made and induce the latest technologies and technological advancements.

Solutions services
Solutions services

Business Benefits

  • Better ROI on the investments made.
  • Ensure that the investments made throughout the years are not lost.
  • Have transformation within the organization with minimum disruption to business or systems.
  • The organization’s cultural shift is not done suddenly, it is done progressively, but still be in par with the latest industry trends.

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