Jade Global can perform a complete digital transformation and modernization of your IT ecosystem by leveraging the mobile application and services, frameworks, practices, and tools that are specifically designed to deliver a customized mobile application development, adhering to your needs and providing a rooted foundation for modern business transformation with agility to integrate, accelerate, and modernize your key business application. Mobile platforms are another way to provide a seamless customer and employee experience.

Our Capabilities

The capailities that are mentioned in the diagram below are the mainstream technologies of Jade’s expertise.

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How are our Solutions/Services better than what exist in the market for a given problem(s)

Jade has dedicated teams who are specialists in Native app development and on cross platform tools that can bring value-add to organizations. The transformation process that we follow is unique, where we partner with organizations and build POD teams to add not only Mobile development skills, but also the peripheral skills required such as back-end coding, any Database skill sets, and external interactions using APIs, etc.

Design Thinking is a solution-focused, problem-solving methodology that helps companies and individuals to get the desired outcome on an internal challenge or to a forward looking plan.

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Business Benefits

Jade becomes a partner, rather than just deploying the resources, which has been proven with some of our esteemed clients. Jade, being an implementation partner in other peripheral technologies that are required for the development, has the capacity to provide resources in shared models that helps clients to optimize their costs and pay only for the usage and not blocking resources continuous for the projects and underutilize.

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