The pace of every client's needs and technological advancements have created a great need to transform old legacy systems. Be it modern technology or a new platform, Jade is a trusted partner for your legacy application transformation service.

How Jade can help and what are the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Legacy application transformation has diverse needs as described below:

  1. Replacing the legacy application with a new application.
    • If there is a legacy application that is no longer supported there will be a need to migrate such applications.
    • If there is a need for maintaining the same business process, but there is a new tool available on the market that can replace the legacy application, then there is a need for migrating the legacy application to the new applications while retaining all business processes.
  2. Upgrading the legacy application technology to the latest frameworks.
    • If there are some applications that are written in the old framework that need to be migrated to the latest framework, for example an application written in .Net 2.0 needs to be migrated to latest .Net framework.
  3. Integrating Legacy applications with the latest ERPs or new applications
    • There are situations where the legacy applications cannot be replaced due to the heavy dependency on the business; however, there is a need for data to flow from and into the legacy application, in such situations there is a great need for building an integration layer using the latest frameworks/Technologies like API-driven integration, creating custom adapters, using third-party tools available on the market.
      For example, the current integration platform might be TIBCO and now the latest platform that the client wants to use is Azure integration services.
      Jade is an expert in helping the clients to be a partner in such upgrades and transformations.
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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Assessments
    • During the assessment phase of the project the following activities are performed:
      • Understanding the legacy application
      • Mapping the legacy application to the latest features and platforms, like Azure, require a lot of Gap analysis to understand the current business process and map them with the new process
      • Jade has experts who can perform this assessment and build your roadmap
  • Legacy Application Transformation
    • Jade is well versed in defining a roadmap and plan for such transformations with a defined approach of not only migrating the applications, but also setting the same processes in the new environment with expert personnel
  • Legacy Application Integrations
    • Jade is highly skilled on integrating enterprise applications using the following approaches:
      • API-driven integration
      • Custom adaptor developments
      • Integrations using multiple ESB tools available on the market
      • Integrating with tools like Boomi, Azure Integration Services, and Biztalk Servers, etc.
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How are our Solutions/Services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

The approach Jade follows is unique, we partner with clients to understand their existing landscape and then think of a solution that suits their existing capabilities and strengths, then arrive at the right solution instead of giving generic solutions and architectures. This will help clients to capitalize on their existing investments and induce the latest technologies and advancements in technology.

Business Benefits

  • Better ROI on the investments made
  • Ensure that the investments made throughout the years are not lost
  • Have transformation within the organization with minimum disruption to business or systems
  • The organization cultural shift is not done suddenly, is done in a progressive manner, but still be in par with the latest industry trends
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