Dynamic changes in your business landscape requires IT applications to be agile and nimble and to have an architecture that can change with the demands coming from your users. Jade understands these challenges in application modernization and advocates a framework of cloud-first, mobile-first. A microservices-driven approach ensures that you can keep molding your applications in-line with business needs. Many organizations are moving towards cloud platforms in different areas like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings; our proven approach to architecture transformation and application modernization leveraging our delivery model and industry solutions will ensure:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Standardization of your ecosystem
  • Higher scalability
  • Improved Governance
  • Simpler management
  • Reduce cost through containerization, microservices, automation, and DevOps practices.
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Decrease the dependency on highly skilled resources and avoid maintaining them in-house.
  • Decrease the need to invest heavily in Licensing.
  • Enhanced Security

How Jade can help and the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Jade’s expertly trained and certified professionals and can perform the following activities:

  1. Migration of existing applications/Infrastructure to the cloud
  2. Build new applications in the cloud
  3. Leverage the serverless components of the cloud

If you are looking for any of the offerings mentioned above and have a roadmap for transformation, Jade is the right partner for you as we have extensive exposure in all areas mentioned above.

Our cloud digital transformation practices, accelerators, tools, rich technologies, and SMEs have experience across the board in cloud platforms.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Assessments
    • Complete analysis of your IT footprint with short, medium, and long-term improvement recommendations.
  • Global Roll-out Services
    • Work with our professional consultants to realize up to 40% reduction in operational costs through standardization of global business processes and define and execute the cloud strategy.
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How are our Solutions/Services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

As a cloud implementation and transformation partner to organizations across the globe, Jade has the required skills and reusable components that can be directly leveraged.

Jade is a Microsoft-certified partner, so the expert guidance from the platform’s builders is a value-add for any professional and advisory service.

Business Benefits

Jade also helps to achieve the following goals for your organization:

  • Improve application performance by up to 20%
  • Build a business-centric technology while reducing TCO by an average of 20%
  • Speed up business outcomes and productivity by around 13% through the quick application of cloud tenets
  • Shed technical debt and shift to the OPEX model
  • Accelerate with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS capabilities
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How Can We Help You?

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