The constant change in customer demand fuels the requirement for relevant and compelling content to target their needs. Correct data at the right time can increase your chance of making a deal. It would help if you had the right partner to efficiently manage your portals and content. Jade Global specializes in portal design and development, enterprise search, migration, upgrades, and portal maintenance. You can leverage our Gold-certified partnership with Microsoft to get the best technology and design the most influential portals and content management strategies. Making the enterprise application and information available in real-time, we help you to get better insights, save costs, and increase automation.

How Jade can help and the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Jade has expertly trained and certified professional can perform the following activities:

  1. Migration of existing applications to O365.
  2. Build new applications in O365 and integrating them with the power platform.
  3. Build Business Intranets, Social Intranets, HR Portals, Customer Portals, and Document Management Portals, etc.
  4. Workflow and collaboration services.
  5. SharePoint customizations.
  6. SharePoint Development in Office 365.
  7. SharePoint CMS integration.

If you are looking for any of the offerings mentioned above and have a roadmap for transformation, Jade is the right partner for you as we have extensive exposure in all areas mentioned above.

Our cloud digital transformation practices, accelerators, tools, rich technologies, and SMEs have experience across the board in Collaboration and Content Management.

our offerings as a whole
Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Assessments
    • A straightforward migration approach is defined.
    • Identify the risks and mitigations in advance of the migration.
    • Clarity on the estimations, timelines, and budget requirements.
    • Clarity on stakeholder involvement from both Jade and the client side.
    • Mapping the existing implantation with the features in the new platform will allow utilizing the target platform to its fullest potential and give visibility on the long-term benefits of adopting the new platform.
    • Clearly prepare for the licensing requirements.
    • Complete the analysis of the entire project before the start of implementation, which will give better control of the project and ensure an on-time delivery.
  • Migration
    • Migration from a third-party collaboration platform to Microsoft collaboration platforms
    • Migration from legacy Microsoft collaboration platforms to the latest Microsoft collaboration platforms, for example, from SharePoint 2010 to the O365 platform.
    • Version upgrades for the existing tools, like migrating the older version of SharePoint to the latest version of SharePoint.
  • New Development
    • Build new applications using Microsoft SharePoint using the latest frameworks such as SPFX, Modern Pages, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.
Solutions services

How are our Solutions/Services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

  • Save time and improve productivity.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Improve efficiency for remote teams.
  • Improved Client communication.
  • Quick editing.
  • Better brainstorming.
  • Cost-effective and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Increase security and data protection.
  • Leverage codeless platforms.
  • Automation of business flows.

Business Benefits

The benefits businesses receive from adopting such platforms are:

  • More collaboration between teams.
  • Effective communication between teams.
  • Sharing files and content more securely through roles and authorizations.
  • Automation of business flows to avoid delays, decrease human dependency, and increase the efficiency of operations.
  • Centralized control of the complete content of the organization.
  • Maintain version control of documents to identify the changes and retrieve older versions, if required.
Solutions services

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