The objective of QMS for Lifesciences:

The objective of QMS for life sciences is to define and formalize a method that helps achieve quality policies and objectives through predefined Processes and Procedures. It is a structural way to work in an organization to deliver the best quality products and services.

QMS PHARMA improves a company’s operational efficiency and maintains compliance with GxPs by automating Quality Operations and compliance with ISO, FDA, EMA, CDSCO, etc.

A vital part of a pharmaceutical quality management system is documentation (SOPs, procedures, policies, etc.), monitoring and controlling them to impact product safety and quality.

QMS enables you to deliver quality products timely while complying with all the applicable regulatory standards.

The Top 7 Quality Challenges for Pharmaceutical Industries:

Life sciences organizations are required to get quality management right the first time. Regulatory compliance is the top concern. There is a need to succeed with cost control and achieve superior product traceability.

Some of the critical business challenges that customers experience are -

  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Better Control
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Consistent Production
  • Product Assessment
  • Internal Communication
  • Supplier Management


Next-Gen Industry Solution Built on a Leading Cloud-Based Platform:

If you’re looking to benefit from a wide range of cloud-based solutions for quality management that include SaaS solutions explicitly designed for the life sciences industry, look no further.

look no further.

The TOP 5 Software used for QMS in Pharmaceutical Industry are as below:

  • Trackwise
  • Pilgrim
  • Qualityze
  • Master Control
  • Qualio

These tools can help organizations accelerate their QMS implementation process and activate their quality goals by eliminating paper-based quality processes. Some benefits are increasing operational efficiency, quality, and safety, reducing overall costs, and unifying and standardizing processes, documentation, and communication.

Along with the QMS system in place, some horizontal management software solutions can be LMS and CAPA for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device products.

QMS for Life Sciences – Jade Global

Jade Global provides enterprise business application implementations, integrations, software product engineering, cloud services, technology advisory, testing, and managed services across diverse industries.

We help our life sciences customers set up LMS, CAPA, and Document Management Systems through our established process and templates for functional traceability.

With the rapid disruption in the life sciences industry, the demand for over-the-counter health medicines, devices, and lab check-ups is growing. The pharma industry is under extreme pressure from regulatory authorities to deliver an uncompromising quality product. They are constantly looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance management system that can give seamless integrations and a configurable workflow


Automation of QMS processes and ML/ AI in clinical research is the future. The industry is now looking at automation processes, pre-emptive notifications, alerts, etc.; these are also active areas of interest for Jade Global.

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