ERP Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Life Sciences

ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Managing the business aspects of life sciences can be a challenge. You must make complex scientific decisions, invest in clinical R&D, and stay on top of FDA —among other things. It is among the most lucrative industries in the world—and one of the most intensive when it comes to compliance and regulatory practices. As a result, you have to be agile and efficient as well as resilient to changes. You need an immediate solution—one that can scale as needed. The solution should be adaptable for future needs and compliant with regulations and legislation that cover clinical trials, patents, manufacturing, partnering, selling and more.

A life sciences company that has moved from largely manual processes to an ERP system will be able to see the difference in efficiency as soon as its new system is deployed. But the most important thing ERP brings to life sciences companies of all sizes is security. The implementation of a cloud-based ERP system can help you stay complaint. Check out our blog: 5 Reasons Life Sciences Organizations Need Cloud ERP


Many life sciences companies say a recent failure was their inability to scale easily. Whether it was the inability to grow because of a lack of ability to implement new systems, or the inability to gauge resources required for expansion, companies need an ERP that can scale with them—automatically.

erp systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Jade Global enables digital business processes that harness enabling technologies like Oracle Cloud and NetSuite to drive business performance with a solution that can help you grow …smoothly and with agility— ERP systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing a Pharma ERP Solution!

Jade Global Accelerates Digital Transformation with ERP systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing and Life Sciences

Forrester Research - “Today’s Digital Operations Platform goes beyond traditional Enterprise Systems are Adaptive, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based, And Accessible”

To adapt to evolving demands, life sciences organizations must be equipped with a digital operations platform that can manage every aspect of the business, from clinical trials to project management, planning & budgeting, financial reporting, inventory management, clinical supply chain, procurement, human resources (HR), and payroll.

Jade Global delivers a comprehensive suite of Virtual Pharma solutions that seamlessly integrate with Oracle Cloud ERP and NetSuite Cloud ERP, bringing cloud computing and ERP software for pharmaceutical industry industry to achieve success in this environment.

“The Virtual Pharma platform is a one stop shop, end-to-end solution that that incorporates everything a life sciences firm needs to streamline and automate its operations and covers the entire product lifecycle from discovery, pre-clinical, clinical development, commercial to post market monitoring”, said BK Srinivas, Senior VP, Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Cloud Apps – Oracle, and VP Enterprise HCLS Solutions.

Broadly speaking, there are two business models in the pharma industry: manufacturing and development. The manufacturing model pursues a blockbuster strategy, where they invest in expensive drugs to reap large profits. The development model focuses on bringing new drugs to market—and is much more costly and time consuming; it requires more investments in R&D and takes more time to get FDA approval.

The second major trend is digital disruption. Companies realize that going digital can help them manage costs, create efficiencies, and provide better customer experiences. Digital platforms increase speed through automation, which enables companies to deliver services faster and at lower cost.

The Virtual Pharma Solution offers modular process and analytics integration through the value chain. It answers niche Life Sciences business needs that include CG&P requirements like compliance, security, and master data management.

Jade Global's Virtual Pharma combines with Oracle Cloud ERP, and NetSuite Cloud ERP, offering options from these two implementations, to help life sciences companies implement a best-of-breed solution for their industry. Oracle and NetSuite are highly scalable platforms that can easily meet the business growth and needs of life sciences companies for the next 5 years.

It encompasses every operational aspect of their business from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to Inventory Management & Supply Chain Management (SCM) to Financials, to Integration and Automation. It employs BI/Analytics to allow users to collect data from trials, track patient information and clinical visits, view compliance with protocol requirements, and more.

It helps companies who manufacture pharmaceuticals to comply with all regulations across the globe.

The platform is designed to help companies adopt the ERP modules that they need most at the specific point in their lifecycles and then supports them as they move up the stairway.

Jade Global's Virtual Pharma solution is a preconfigured industry solution built on the Oracle Fusion Cloud platform that is ready to scale. The solution helps life sciences companies accelerate deployment, reduce TCO, and leverage industry best practices to effectively manage business outcomes.

Jade Global's Virtual Pharma solution offers:

  • Real-time transparency and insight into all aspects of your business -- from supply chain management to financial reporting to compliance -- ensuring that you are always in control of your operations
  • A scalable, high-availability solution that can be deployed quickly
  • Flexibility to dynamically adapt to changing business needs by adding new functionality without disrupting existing processes or data
  • It empowers life sciences companies to reduce costs and increase agility using a cloud-based, open platform that is easily integrated into existing systems and processes

Jade Global's partnership with Oracle and NetSuite enables clients to take advantage of the flexibility of Oracle Cloud ERP and NetSuite Cloud ERP while also taking advantage of Jade Global's expertise in pharma and biotech industries.

Life Sciences Needs Addressed:

erp software for pharmaceutical industry

Our Engagement Provides:

Jade Global’s approach to accelerating digital transformation, focuses on what we call the "three P's" – People, Processes, and Platform. This allows us to get our clients up and running quickly and effectively.

  • Identify the underlying causes of issues and risks in your business processes
  • Understand where technology can help and automate manual steps
  • Build the platform that enables you to adapt as your business changes

Our Virtual Pharma solution (ERP software for pharmaceutical industry) is based on proven technology that has been used in practice for over 18 years and is continuously updated. We offer 80+ standardized pre-configured processes based on industry best practices.

Our Engagement Provides:

  • Reference Business Model
  • L1-L3 Process Flows
  • Baseline & GxP Requirements
  • Solution Blueprint
  • Reference Financial & SC Operations Structure
  • Master Data Structure
  • Reference Integration Architecture & B2B / EDI Framework
  • Eco Apps Integration
  • Reference Security & Access controls
  • Xenon”Oracle Cloud Test Accelerator
  • CSV Validation Frameworks & Deliverables Templates
  • Project & Change Management Templates
  • Technology enablers like Mobile, Analytics, Social, IOT, AI/ML for the Cloud ERP Platform

“This approach addresses the change management functionality and fosters better user adoption,” said Srinivas, “few other solutions providers can make this claim, and none are effectively integrating supply chain, manufacturing, compliance, and third-party systems into a leading ERP software for pharmaceutical industry”, he further adds.

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