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Learn how to accelerate Oracle BI Applications 10.3 upgrade & reduce risks with InfatoODI 2.0

Date: 11th August 2020 | Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST

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Businesses planning to Upgrade to OBIA (10.3) on a consolidated technology stack to minimize management resources, reduce costs, up-take new 12c capabilities and stay Oracle Support compliant through 2030, might be concerned about Risks, Migration Effort and Time. They are also often evaluating options to retain the existing investments made in Oracle BI Applications but want to leverage modern capabilities delivered by Oracle Analytics platforms could be facing a host of challenges. Some common challenges of upgrading Oracle BI Apps and moving from Informatica to ODI involve significant manual efforts resulting in

  • Higher total cost of ownership
  • Lower internal rate of return
  • Inefficient upgrade management resulting in reduced productivity of internal and external resources
  • Misallocation of company resources for non-value-added activities
  • Project delays due to data misalignment and human errors.
InfatoODI 2.O- Jade Global’s Patent pending IP

With InfatoODI 2.O you can Mitigate Risks of Oracle BI Apps upgrade by automating the Conversion Process and accelerate the end-to-end upgrade process. Jade Global has developed this patent pending migration tool for organizations making the switch from Informatica to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), the next generation E-LT integration tool. The Informatica to ODI (InfatoODI 2.0) tool identifies, organizes, leverages, and converts legacy Informatica transformation artifacts to ODI.

How InfatoODI 2.0 helped Essilor

We will give you a deep dive into how InfatoODI 2.0 helped leading international ophthalmic optics company Essilor USA accelerate Oracle BI Applications upgrade & reduce risks and provided them with following benefits:

  • Accelerated Oracle BI upgrade to 4 months from 10 months of original estimates
  • Automated workflows reduced costs and risk, and increased the process quality by 60%
  • Faster data and dashboards delivery, and increased end user productivity
In this Webinar you will learn
  • How to achieve Accelerated, Non-Disrupted, and Low Risk Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) 10.3 Upgrade by automating migration from Informatica to Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI)?
  • How to maximize ROI with the existing investments in Oracle BI Applications 10.3 through 2030?
  • How InfatoODI 2.0 helped Essilor USA to accelerate Oracle BI Applications upgrade & reduce risks?

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