The Semicon Industry is growing in leaps and bounds, but it is also facing hurdles in manufacturing due to inefficient manufacturing methodologies.

The solution available in the market is a spray and pray approach catering to a large audience from the various manufacturing sectors, and not laser focused to the need of Semiconductor Manufacturing companies.

With its innovative approach and expertise, Jade came up with a well-tailored solution providing complete Lot control for the manufacturing process, i.e. Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM) which provides Improved Visibility and Accuracy.

We are helping several Semicon manufacturers such as Mythic address their supply chain perils through JSFM.

Do you want to know how?

We have a live and free webinar for you where our Speakers from Mythic and Jade will take you on a digital transformation journey.

In this webinar, our experts will explore ways to expand your manufacturing footprint to improve your bottom line.

  • Better planning for Inventory levels in a real-time environment
  • Improved visibility, potentially reducing inventory costs by 10% and the cost of lost revenue by another 10%
  • Leverage the standard functionality of NetSuite Cloud SaaS / Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, lowering application TCO, lower upgrade costs, and improving system agility
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