Health Cloud, Salesforce's newest endeavour into industry solutions on its ever-evolving platform, might be its most impactful solution yet. With the Health Cloud, Salesforce is all set to get integrations and cloud-based solutions to focus on care gaps that have been part of the healthcare vertical for some time now. The days of different Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions and lack of clarity across the continuum of Care are ending.

Health Cloud supplies a variety of use cases where the platform can be applied successfully. Health Cloud assists in improving data exchanges and visibility for all parties involved. Contact centres can access data within an EMR, which allows a customer service representative to attend to a patient with the best tools available. Health Cloud licenses are an add-on to Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities. Health Cloud implementations supply standard Service Cloud capabilities such as Omnichannel, Knowledge, and Live Agent to an industry where EMR capabilities have long been the core focus for enhancements.