Learn How Jade Assisted a Health Care Company with ODI Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle ODI


Jade helped Adventists by upgrading their current BI Apps 7.9.x version to the latest version of BI Apps, i.e., 11.1.10.x. The current enterprise application is out of support, and Adventist wants to do an OBI upgrade where the major challenge was converting the Informatica mappings to ODI. Jade helped convert 180 OBIA customized and custom (in-house built) Informatica mappings to ODI by using Jade’s patent-pending Infa2ODI tool.

The automated tool solution provided by Jade helped Adventist reduce their upgrade duration from 11 months to 4 months


Adventist Health System (AHS)



About the Client

Adventist Health System lives up to its Christian mission, shared vision, common values, focus on whole-person health, and commitment to making communities healthier. It unifies 46 hospital campuses and hundreds of care sites in diverse markets throughout nine states.

The Solution Implementation

Migration Approach:

Jade Global assisted for Informatica to ODI Migration by migrating AHS’s Informatica Mappings utilizing a proven and proprietary strategic upgrade framework. The framework guarantees a smooth transition from the current state of the OBIA technology stack to the latest and greatest one. The framework also includes the utilization of the ‘patent pending INFA-to-ODI’ (Informatica to ODI Migration) Informatica data migration tool to accelerate the Informatica mappings conversions to ODI and a data comparison tool.

The Business Benefits

  • Upgrade duration decreased from 11 months to 4 months, and speed of project execution by 63%
  • Automated workflow reduced costs and risk, and increased the process quality by 90%
  • Reduced testing efforts
  • Oracle Data Integrator (Oracle ODI) investment as E-LT of choice for future integrations with third party systems and Big Data
  • Implementation of incremental strategy and BI Apps standards

Business Requirements

  • Convert the OBIA customized, and custom (in-house built) mappings to ODI (total 180 mappings)
    • OBIA Customized HR Analytics
    • OBIA Customized Financial Analytics
    • OBIA Customized Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics
    • Custom built
  • GAP Analysis of BI Apps data models w.r.t current and newer version
  • Mitigate risks associated with OBIA 7.9.x end of life
  • Leverage capabilities offered by the latest Oracle BI technology platform and solutions
  • Ensure uninterrupted service delivery to address current and future AHS business needs
  • Leverage the next-gen capabilities offered by the latest Oracle BI platform and solutions
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Business Challenges


Migration of ETL according to use of different objects in Dashboard


Excessive dependency on the existing OBIA reporting environment, which was obsolete in the latest version


Integration of Incremental logic for custom mappings that is not present in OBIA


Adventist Health System (AHS) is using BI Apps 7.9.6.x version is nearing the end of its life and wanted to upgrade to the latest version to mitigate risks

‘‘We are impressed by knowledge, professionalism, and awesome personalities of Jade Experts. It was a pleasure working with you all. The project was challenging, but Jade’s well-organized approach, quick handling of issues, and easy to get-along-with team members, made things progress smoothly. You helped to keep us on track every step of the way. I look forward to working with you guys again at some point in the future”

Norm Bowen, BI Manager (Adventist Health System)

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