Do you need to operationalize business value? Are you looking at organizational transformation through resilient architecture design, architecture review, and data architecture roadmaps? 

As one of the top consulting firms in the USA, Jade’s advisory and consulting services understand your business requirements and help you achieve transformation based on business objectives.  


Your organization needs to review existing platforms and systems and move away from legacy limitations to foster a real-time competitive edge. Monetization of data, cloud migration, and data analytics are critical for success. Modernizing systems and infrastructure is done over multiple steps, including the right products, understanding the dependencies, data and its sources, users, your use cases, and even benchmarking against more prominent competitors who have already modernized their IT landscape. Our data advisory services also help to modernize your company's data ecosystem. 

Architecture Review

We help you with end-to-end analytics architecture or targeted areas such as data integration, data lake, data transformation, semantic models, data security, governance, access controls or self-service capabilities, reporting and dashboards, etc. 

Product Evaluation

You have a choice of multiple platforms and micro platforms. We have deep expertise with the plethora of options available in the market and offer have proven evaluation frameworks and relevant use cases.  

Strategy/Road mapping

Analytics is constantly evolving and is critical for planning and implementation. Creating an implementation roadmap needs to include licensing, end of life, data retention, user training, cloud capabilities, scalability, the total cost of ownership, and skill availability, among several others.

Big data Consulting

Big data consulting helps derive valuable insights from vast volumes of multi-structured data. Our services include storing large data sets in real-time and analytics that can unearth hidden patterns and unknown correlations. Our team will help you in all stages of your big data journey: from strategy development, roadmap planning, and technology evaluation to platform customization, integration, implementation, and managed services.


This simplest reason for why we selected Jade Global for this engagement was that it presented the most complete information to us in the initial RFP phases which helped us decide to change direction and re-evaluated our future direction. Then with the second phase of our evaluation Jade Global provided the most complete listing of options available to us. Jade Global was also by far the most responsive of all the vendors we evaluated. You were always quick to respond and we never had to pursue you for answers. Additionally pricing was in line with other vendors.

Stephen Woodfin Director of Business Applications | CAR-FRESHNER Corporation

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