This case study highlights how Jade's Data Analytics Services revolutionized the financial analytics capabilities of a semiconductor company. The client faced challenges with manual reporting systems, complex data entry, and the absence of a data warehouse. Through strategic utilization of tools like Boomi, Snowflake, and Tableau, Jade efficiently scheduled data load jobs, created a centralized data repository, and generated insightful reports.

About the Client

An American high-tech company specializing in providing secure and high-speed connectivity solutions. With a focus on addressing the growing data rates and bandwidth requirements within the data infrastructure market, they offer advanced solutions that deliver improved power and cost efficiency.

Business Challenges

  • Manual Systems: Manual reporting systems for most of the finance functions. Forecast and reporting are done using Excel-manual transposing of data.
  • Complicated & Time Consuming: Data entry/copy-pasting and calculations are prone to human error, delaying processes and impacting business processes.
  • No Datawarehouse: “Database” is created by manually transposing data downloaded from ERP (NetSuite) or other Excel files.

Business Requirements

  • The client required a centralized repository of the company’s chart of accounts and all transactional data to enable future analytics.
  • A singular platform for forecasting, reporting, and dashboard to achieve comprehensive financial visibility.
  • Scalable analytics solution and data analytics services for Revenue & Gross Margin variance analysis and planning by partners and customers
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