From gaining insights to making strategic changes in your business, Jade Global is committed to helping organizations achieve their business goals. We understand the importance of data analytics and how it can help businesses grow. We offer end-to-end data analytics services to help you plan, implement, maintain, migrate and secure your data.

Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouses (EDWs) and Data Lake Implementations

We build a secure data foundation using a Cloud tech stack that can capture, store, and provide a deeper view of different business processes, departments, and entities to unlock the potential of gathering insights to empower decisions.

Real-Time Analytics

With the hyper advancements of streaming technologies, you can solve business problems and innovate at an entirely different level. Be it real-time crew assignments, sending promotions to window shoppers, increasing ramps, enabling dynamic pricing, predicting sales through weather events, or preventing massive recalls by making equipment recalibration.

Executive Dashboards

Effective dashboards to render the most important information to enable executives to arrive at high-quality decisions will require a combination of the right tools and the right underlying data that can be fully trusted.


Unearthing patterns, establishing correlations, and the art of storytelling with data can help your analysts present consumable data formats for a different group of users.

Data Security and Governance

Provide and guide your clients with a proven approach to ensure that critical data is managed, maintained, and governed appropriately to be leveraged across the right user groups across the right platforms.


As the orientation architect for the accounting domain at IA, I can let you know that we appreciate the professionalism of your team and your company. I know there were a few issues but Jade Global acted as a partner and not only as a supplier for this first endeavor with IA. From my understanding, our team is pleased with this collaboration and the flexibility of everyone involved to make this project a success. Thank you and keep up this great collaboration.

Robert Boivin Conseiller en architecture de système / Systems Architect Services informatiques / I.T. Department

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