Industry: Semiconductors

Products & Services (Side bar)

  • Data Engineering – From Oracle Data Integrator to AWS EMR and Python
  • Cloud Data Warehouse – From Oracle EDW to Snowflake
  • BI and Analytics – From Tableau to Power BI Premium

About the Client

The Client is a semiconductor company which develops and produces semiconductors and related technology. The company operates in United States and India. Trusted by the world’s leading technology companies for over 25 years, it moves, stores, processes and secures the world’s data with semiconductor solutions designed for customers’ current needs and future ambitions. Through a process of deep collaboration and transparency, it is ultimately changing the way tomorrow’s enterprise, cloud, automotive, and carrier architectures transform—for the better

The Business Benefits

  • Tableau to Power BI and ODI to Python migration will help the client leverage the next-gen integration and analytics capabilities
  • Analytics solution on major cloud platforms for better scaling and performance optimization
  • Integrated enterprise data warehousing solution in Cloud
  • Cost benefit - Tableau is cost-prohibitive and has complex licensing structure as compared to Power BI

Business Requirements

The Semiconductor company needed to transform it’s analytics capability by migrating Tableau workloads to Power BI and ODI objects to Python for ingestion into Snowflake so the company could make better sense of their critical data. With Jade Global’s holistic approach to Digital Transformation, we were able to assess the client’s current enterprise BI maturity level and develop a roadmap & strategy to get them where they wanted to be.

Tableau to Power BI Track

  • Decommission Tableau on premise platform by migrating reporting workloads to Power BI Premium
  • Design and Configure Best-Practice Power BI Premium Enterprise architecture
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Business Challenges


Tableau Reports to be converted were more complex than expected


The client wanted to use Microsoft certified visuals thus limiting options for workarounds/visuals


Multiple procedures needed to be created for 1 ODI procedure resulting in additional timeframe