Industry: Consumer Industry – Beauty/retail

About the Client

The Beauty Health Company is a global category-creating company focused on delivering beauty health experiences by reinventing consumers' relationships with their skin, bodies, and self-confidence. HydraFacial provides a non-invasive and approachable experience with a strong community of aestheticians, consumers, and partners, bridging medical aesthetics to beauty to democratize and personalize skin care solutions across ages, genders, skin tones, and skin types.

HydraFacial is available in over 90 countries with an install base of 20,399 Delivery Systems, providing millions of experiences to consumers each year.

Products & Services

  • Beauty Products
  • Lip Replenishing Serum
  • Keravive Peptide
  • Eye Replenishing Serum
  • Britenol
  • Dermabuilder

Business Requirements

  • Excel spreadsheets need to be eliminated wherever possible, allowing end users to input and submit data via web forms or SmartView templates in Oracle’s EPBCS.
  • Users will submit budget through a controlled workflow process with security restrictions, allowing a defined entry point based on a user’s security restrictions.
  • Budgets will be submitted using web forms. The web forms can be incorporated into task lists, which provide users with a systematic guide through the budget process.
  • The EPBCS Application needs to efficiently perform variance analysis between different scenarios in reports.
  • Users need to be able to analyze and compare actual and budgeted data to understand how much has been spent and how much is remaining for the budgeted year.
  • Users need the ability to interact with budgeted and actual data.
  • Migrate from Excel-based consolidation to automated Oracle FCCS consolidation to perform the close process.
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Business Challenges


No updated Saved queries in NetSuite for EPBCS/FCCS.


Modify the existing calculations and validate the results for Allocations.


Integration of Data/Metadata with NetSuite.


Supporting the ongoing prod instance application while developing the EPBCS test Instance.

The Solution

  • Automated the actual data and metadata load using FDMEE.
  • Configured and redeveloped the process for loading data and metadata with third-party applications systems such as Oracle NetSuite.
  • Created detailed documentation for the business process involved in Hyperion budgeting and forecasting applications and data, along with the Metadata load process.
  • Applied security, data access, and controls across entities.
  • Executed and validated the Oracle EPM AUTOMATE scripts for loading the data and metadata and backed up the application.
  • Solution focused on providing a more efficient and automated consolidation system FCCS.
  • Dimensions in FCCS were customized based on internal and external reporting.

The Business Benefits

  • In-Depth Reporting – Granularity of monthly details improved, allowing the business to run financial reports for external and internal reports (by Department) in less time; thereby, also giving the financial team time to conduct more value-added analysis.
  • Increased Efficiency – Removed the need for extensive manual efforts to reconcile and bridge external financials and reporting.
  • Data Integration – Leveraged an accurate integrated approach to deliver the core benefits of an Oracle EPM Planning and Budgeting Cloud architecture. Data/Metadata will be loaded directly from NetSuite.

"Chris is a super tough customer for me. For him to get, this excited is really a testament to all the hard work you guys put in."

Chet Mehra, Director of Application Solutions