Jade leveraged best business practices to implement Customer Conversion & Journal Import for Primary and Secondary Ledger for new Operating Units. The team demonstrated the capability and delivered the solution before project deadline. Our team is proud to have delivered a custom solution that has been accepted and appreciated by the client.

Client: NortanLifeLock Avast Integration

About the Client

Client provides consumers with cyber security solutions, including device security, online threat protection, smart firewall, cloud backup, secure VPN, password manager, parental control, virus protection promises, and dark web monitoring. It also prevents identity theft and reputation defender, which can control search results. Virus protection adds web shields, ransomware, and firewall modules. They also own a security pioneer offering organization providing a wide range of protection, performance, and privacy solutions. After the merger of these two organizations, the newly formed business unites multiple consumer cyber brands.

The Solution

Jade’s profound domain knowledge expertise provided the right solution within a stipulated project time frame. The standard configuration and setups for new ledger/Legal Entities/ operating Units were done per business requirements.

Following are the major areas where Jade contributed

  • Set up new custom lookups for mapping each account segment.
  • Set up of new custom flex field for each account segment.

Jade developed generic custom programs to import Customer and Journal Ledger data. These programs will typically function as follows –

  • Prepare CSV files
  • Upload data from CSV file to staging table
  • Validate data and push it to interface table and call oracle seeded import programs or Validate data and call seeded APIs
  • Update back the status of the records in the staging table

These programs helped Jade gain the client’s confidence and make correct data available for new operating units.

Business Requirements

  • Data Migration from NetSuite (legacy system) to existing EBS R12.2.4 version. This includes the definition of the new ledger, Legal Entities, and operating Units in EBS.
  • Businesses wanted to import the existing customers from EBS. The customers should be treated as new entries if they have a different bill to/ship to/end-user/reseller address. If the address is the same, then the party site, location, account site, and account site use needs to be updated for the existing customer
  • The business also wanted to import the Primary and Secondary Journals into EBS
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Business Challenges

The merger Project spans 5 months

The merger Project spans 5 months with tight timelines for CRP, SIT, and UAT.

Generic Custom Customer Conversion

Generic Custom Customer Conversion and Journal Conversion program needs to be developed.

Mapping between both account segments

Mapping between both account segments must be performed before Journal Import.

Accounting date adjustment

Accounting date adjustment must be performed at oracle as the NetSuite and Oracle GL Periods differ.

The Business Benefits

  • Reusable and scalable interfaces/API code for Customer Import and Journal Import were provided.
  • Ensuring that the organization has a single source of truth for customer data, enabling them to make informed decisions and provided them with a better customer experience.
  • Helped them with Journal Import which supports multiple charts of accounts, foreign currency, an intercompany, statistical, budget, and encumbrance journals