Save A Lot client story for Oracle Cloud Project | Jade Case Study

A Oracle Cloud Support and Enhancement Case Study for Retail Company

Case Study Overview

A Oracle Cloud Support and Enhancement Case Study for Retail Company

About the Client

Save A Lot is a Supermarket discount company whose corporate office is in Antonio, Missouri, United States. It operates 1000 self-owned corporate stores and retail stores across 32 states in different locations in the United States. Each store contains an assortment of fresh, canned, and frozen products, meat products, household items, and everyday essentials items. Save A Lot was founded by Bill Moran in the year 1977. As per the year 2020, Save A Lot‘s recapitalization stands to net $350 M. In Dec 2021; the company shifted to a wholesale model where the company decided to sell its 300 corporate-operated stores to current and new retail partners.

Client: Save A Lot

Industry: Retail

Business Challenges

  • There was a business challenge to get CIP assets to cost based on the accounting period, and the GL account string needed to be capitalized. There was no seeded Oracle report that could meet the business requirement.
  • No Reconciliation dashboard or report is available, which can be used for reconciling the Subledger (Project cost) and General Ledger balances. This reconciliation is critical for the business to derive the CIP asset cost, which must be capitalized in a specific accounting period.
  • Lots of manual effort is involved in deriving the CIP Asset cost for specific reconciling GL code combinations based on project, task, and unit combinations
  • Audit compliance was another challenge for a business to share the required reconciliation information as a backup