Client: Learning & Upskilling Platform Company

Industry: Education/Learning

About the Client

The client works in an upskilling domain with a platform that connects learning to opportunities. Integrating everything people use to learn and build their careers — skill insights, LMSs, courses, videos, articles, and projects — and matches everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

The Solution: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Review Salesforce Campaign (Review Sales and Marketing Applications Unit) Builder and optimize configurations, HubSpot improvements, and Lead source tracking (landing pages, events, others, etc.)
  • Streamline Marketing and sales handover, Optimize Marketing & Sales processes and align with best practices in these areas using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services
  • Perform Health checks & identify areas of Improvement related to Security, Configurations, Data Quality issues, and Processes.
  • Enable Contracts, Amendments & enhance Renewals Process Metrics Calculations (e.g., ACV vs. Upsell Component)
  • Optimize Account and Con

The Benefits

  • Quicker turnaround on deals, higher quality leads due to Process & Data Optimization
  • Reduced Maintenance, increased performance due to Technical Debt Reduction
  • Optimized Marketing & Sales Processes & Increased synergy between the Marketing & Sales Team
  • Automated & Streamlined Subscriptions, Amendments & Renewals process

Business Requirements

  • Analyze existing Marketing & Sales processes & Hand-off process from Marketing to Sales & suggest process improvements
  • Health Check Assessment for: Org Assessment, Data, Meta Data, Security, Business process, Salesforce Best Practices Consultation, Enablement Strategy, Implementation Roadmap, Integration Platform, Integration/Extn Recommendation, Application Consolidation & Retirements, App Exchange Audit
  • Analyze integrations with Intacct, explore iPaaS platforms & make recommendations
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Business Challenges

Metrics Reporting

Broken hand-off process between Marketing & Sales Teams due to missing information & sync issues

Metrics Reporting

Data Integrity issues on Opportunity & Product

Metrics Reporting

The creation of Contracts was complex due to inconsistency in the existing Opportunity data

Metrics Reporting

The company needed to automate Subscription & Renewals & enable Metrics Reporting

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