Industry - Computer Networking

About the Client

Infoblox delivers Actionable Network Intelligence to enterprise, government, and service provider customers worldwide. They provide network control, automation, and domain name system (DNS) solutions that ensure continuous, secure operations of network services. Infoblox is based in California’s Silicon Valley.

Business Challenges

  • No native connector was available for Oracle Cloud Apps
  • Get Web Services on Cloud ERP to return limited data
  • Needs reporting workaround to extract data from multiple tables
  • Too many relationships between Salesforce records and Oracle Fusion records; difficult to update error/success records in Salesforce
  • Large vendor management overhead costs
  • BSA and IT teams unable to focus on strategic projects
  • Complex customization support

The Benefits

  • Automated synchronization of master data creation
  • Real-time integration and ease of use for multiple entity integrations
  • Faster support for multiple protocols/formats, cost-effective, and lower maintenance platform
  • Scalability and customizable architecture to deal with future needs or technology upgrades
  • Reduced overall IT spending by 30% in year-1 (approximately $700k in savings)
  • Ongoing reduction in support from year-2 by productivity improvement (approximately 10% YOY)

Business Value Delivered

Jade’s integration support services gave Infoblox more room in their budget to focus on their strategic initiative of moving from Web Methods to Boomi. With its new scalable and customizable architecture, Infoblox was also able to achieve its technology upgrade initiatives. They moved a retiring web application to an existing IT investment and migrated all customer data from a Legacy CRM system to Salesforce.

The Need for Data Synchronization and Integration

Jade Global met Infoblox when the company underwent a significant business transformation initiative to standardize business processes across complete business applications. Infoblox needed a solution that seamlessly synchronized and integrated their data from customers, sales orders, purchase orders, and other data across multiple Cloud and on-prem applications. Their customer data, which was stored in Salesforce, needed to be transferred into various entities in Infoblox’s Oracle Fusion, ServiceNow RightNow, and Flexera software. At the same time, an upgrade of Oracle Fusion IDs/RightNow IDs had to be performed for each customer record in Salesforce for reference (and vice versa).

A framework for exceptions and errors was also required. For example, Infoblox needed a framework in place so that any errors in the upgrade and integration processes would update the Salesforce record with an appropriate error message. As for managed services, Infoblox required proactive support and more effective management of its IT resources to avoid performance issues. They wanted an improvement in knowledge management to prevent dependency on IT personnel.

Finally, there was a vital requirement to have all these processes reduce costs because Infoblox wanted more room in its budget for strategic projects.

Business Requirements

  • Synchronize and integrate data across multiple Cloud and on-prem applications
  • Transfer data from Salesforce ServiceNow Integration to various entities in Oracle Fusion, RightNow, and Flexera
  • Update Oracle Fusion IDs/RightNow IDs for each record in Salesforce ServiceNow Integration
  • Exception management and re-processing framework
  • Oracle Cloud ERP and Salesforce Implementation needs real-time integrations
  • Budget Management: Free up budget for strategic projects
  • 24X7 global, proactive support (US, EMEA, APAC)
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A Diverse Ecosystem with Heavy Dependence on Support

Infoblox faced the challenge of needing a standard connector for Oracle Fusion in Boomi. They were limited by Web Services and functionality exposed by Oracle Cloud ERP to push data into the Cloud. They needed Web Services on Cloud ERP to return limited data and a reporting workaround to extract data from multiple tables. In addition, too many relationships existed between the Salesforce record and Oracle Fusion, making it challenging to update error/success instances for each record in Salesforce.

As for budget management, Infoblox’s finance leaders were having trouble managing their project budget and consistently struggled to make room for strategic projects, such as their long overdue migration to ServiceNow Oracle Cloud and the reimplementation of their Salesforce instance. Moreover, Infoblox’s BSA and IT teams were so heavily involved in day-to-day support that they could not focus on strategic projects.

A large portion of Infoblox’s budget was allocated toward vendor management because they were working with various independent contractors from over ten different vendors. Their internal team complained of being exhausted from the relentless efforts required to manage their organization’s diverse application ecosystem. On top of this struggle, they could not afford to spend more time out of their day working with this large number of support vendors. They needed to do something to cut down on overhead costs.

Furthermore, Infoblox required ongoing and complex customization support of their existing applications, which heavily depended on a few select people. The documentation process could have been more organized, and Oracle Fusion Cloud and other support services were often performed without being properly documented.

The Solution

  • 70+ Integrations in 6 months: Boomi Integrations with Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Workday, and Oracle RightNow
    • Integrations with Salesforce and Oracle ERP Cloud using Boomi as middleware
    • Custom Oracle Cloud connectors for all common integrations
  • Managed support from Jade for Oracle Fusion Cloud modules (Financials/SCM), Hyperion, and SFDC CRM
    • Effective Systems Monitoring by Jade to keep IT resources at optimized levels
    • DBA support
  • 16X5 Operation support
  • 24X7 P1 support
  • Created an operation manual to remove redundancies in the support model and reduce dependencies

New Opportunities Through Seamless Connectivity

Jade provided an end-to-end architecture and solution using Oracle Fusion Web services/APIs. The solution creates seamless connectivity between Boomi and Oracle Cloud Fusion, Oracle RightNow, Salesforce, Workday, and CSP (Infoblox cloud service portal). Boomi’s innovative and mature single-instance multi-tenant platform meets the scalability and performance requirements demanded by the complex integration processes. Jade created Fusion SOAP/Rest services for connecting Boomi to Oracle Fusion and standard connectors for integrating with other systems. For Infoblox’s Oracle Fusion initial migration, Jade provided a solution using a common utility process with a file-based data import (FBDI) approach. Jade provided a publish/subscribe model (loosely coupled) for integrations where data needed to be passed from Salesforce to multiple platforms. For all other integrations, a common error-handling mechanism was created. Jade setup advanced scheduling and error alert email notifications for batch processes.

Using an AS2-secured communication protocol, Jade provided B2B solutions to integrate the data between Infoblox and multiple partners. The B2B solution was implemented to process orders, inventory, and shipment data between Infoblox’s partners. The B2B design logs all data into a staging area and tracks each transaction. This process monitors all received transactions and supports reprocessing a failed transaction from staging areas in case of errors. The common utility Jade provided to migrate such a large size of Infoblox’s data (1 million records) helped integrate the application in days rather than months.

Infoblox has taken a major initiative to streamline business processes, and reimplement application systems by consolidating into two core cloud systems – Salesforce and Oracle Fusion. With their strong Dell Boomi, Salesforce, and Oracle Cloud practice, Jade has helped us build 70+ integrations in just 6 months. Jade Global’s strength is their professionalism, a strong onshore/offshore model, flexibility and drive to make us successful.

Ganesh Shanmukham Mgr IT, BI & Integration