Reduce the time to market, time to fix, and cost of running your web-scale IT by 40%

Jade’s cloud applications support provides your organization with assistance in managing the needs of fast-changing digital applications coupled with slow-paced legacy and back-end applications.

Our cloud support services support your IT teams and can optimize the operations of critical IT projects. As a leading cloud application support provider, we are fully equipped to provide dynamic cloud application support and solutions for complex workloads or any business requirements your organization needs. Powered by an extensive pool of professionals across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we adapt evolving technologies to simplify operations and alleviate mundane tasks. This is critical in hybrid IT or multi-cloud environments, as multiple skillsets are required to manage these complex environments.

Through a single-source contact, we ensure all your platforms run smoothly. Xenon, our proprietary automatic test suite, runs testing for all your applications on multiple frameworks faster to resolve potential issues instantly. This increases product uptime and accuracy while reducing maintenance costs and mitigating risks.

We focus on your key business priorities while lowering maintenance costs, saving time, minimizing efforts, and thus, increasing ROI. This focus, combined with our ability to support your applications across infrastructures, makes us the ideal IT support partner for your business.

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