About the Client

Lattice has been in the business of semiconductors since 1983 and has crafted an irreplaceable position in the semiconductor market. Lattice has large-scale demand from across the globe. Lattice needed faster processing in their invoice generation to fulfill this demand, which created a bottleneck in the process.

With our help, they streamlined their process and made it faster and better.


  • 90% reduction in Invoice processing cycle (20 min to 2 mins)
  • 95 % Bot Processed Invoices
  • 24X7 Invoice processing
  • 120,000 USD saving

Business Requirements

The semiconductor industry is competitive, and businesses require to be faster with their process, especially those creating bottlenecks. Lattice needed touchless invoice generation, extracting data, performing 3-way and 2-way matching, applying business validation capture anomalies, and notifying the finance team.

  • Touchless account payable invoices processing in Oracle EBS.
  • Extract data from digital and scanned invoices.
  • Perform 3-way, 2-way matching, insert Non –Po invoices, apply business validations.
  • Capture anomalies and notify the finance team with email follow-ups.
  • Reporting and Exception logging.
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Business Challenges


3rd Party Vendor processes ~35000 invoices per year from suppliers across the globe


800+ vendors across its supply chain


Manually extract Data from Invoices & enter them into Oracle EBS