Create Intelligent Bots that can Handle Repetitive Processes with Higher Efficiency

Managed Robot Operation (MRO) primarily designed to deliver L1, L2, and L3 services for Intelligent Automation/BOTs is deployed in production with a robust service delivery framework. This includes

  1. SLA driven incident and problem management
  2. Change management
  3. Service request management
  4. DevOps and deployment
  5. License and vendor management

Our support model is aligned with ITSM processes widely accepted across enterprises. This enables us to smoothly plug our support services into your organization’s support model.


Before getting into such engagement, our Advisory Services are leveraged:

  • To assess the current KPIs measured to gauge the effectiveness of deployed Intelligent Automation processes, an opportunity for continuous improvement, etc. Based on findings, the Jade Global advisory service establishes critical missing KPIs (if any) under 3 major categories – Technical infra effectiveness/efficiencies, Process coverage/adoption rate, and workforce optimization achievement
  • To examine all processes deployed in production vs. the number of Intelligent Automation BOTs hosting those processes. Jade Global’s proprietary tool is used to assess the capacity of each BOT utilized, and processes are adjusted for optimal utilization of BOT. As a result, it may help free up precious BOT licenses that can be used for upcoming processes.

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