Raise Business Potential and Get Highest ROI Using Jade Global’s Intelligent Automation Consulting and Advisory Services

Jade Global works closely with business stakeholders in Process Discovery. Jade Global has created a ready reference list of business processes – that works as the first reference guide to start looking at processes for automation.


After identifying processes, qualification of a process for automation is very important since the end goal of Intelligent Automation is to realize high ROI. Jade Global does a comprehensive analysis through its home-grown tool and technique called “Process Assessment Framework.” Various inputs considered are – Level of process standardization required or complexity, volume, impact on business, etc. The outcome from the tool after feeding above mentioned inputs are plotted on a process assessment graph to define a roadmap for a prioritized list of processes for Intelligent Automation implementation


Advisory services also look at all processes deployed in production vs. the number of INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION BOTs hosting those processes. Jade Global’s proprietary tool is used to assess the capacity of each BOT utilized, and processes are adjusted for optimal utilization of BOT. As a result, it may help free up precious BOT licenses that can be used for upcoming processes.


Our advisory services also assess the current level of KPIs being measured in your enterprise for already deployed Intelligent Automation processes and BOTs to gauge the effectiveness of deployed Intelligent Automation processes, the opportunity for continuous improvement, etc. Based on findings, the Jade Global advisory service establishes critical missing KPIs (if any) under 3 major categories –

  • Technical infra effectiveness/efficiencies,
  • Process coverage/adoption rate and
  • Workforce optimization achievement

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