ServiceNow HR Service Delivery an Overview

The history of Sapiens talks about how we have created a new world from being just a tribe. The focus had always been on achieving from what is impossible to achieve the impossible. Nowadays, wherever we turn around, we hear a lot about individual productivity and how to unlock it. Corporates are constantly looking at ways to untap the productivity lake of their employees. That is why they come up with best practices for each specialty.

Which is the Face of an Organization from an Employee Perspective?

Yes, it’s HR, as everyone would agree.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery application is the answer to this. It improves the employee service experience by automating HR interactions, providing a single platform for all HR services. It is a truly modern experience because it eliminates inefficient and repetitive HR tasks that are done manually. It is proven that ServiceNow gives much-needed productivity to the organization.

ServiceNow first rolled out the Service Delivery platform internally to its employees and has proven results.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

How do we boost productivity with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

The importance of digital transformation is understood in recent times by organizations as it increases the productivity of the employees, hence contributing directly to the growth pace. ServiceNow productivity workflow helps build a strong future, also proactively managing all aspects for business continuity. It creates engaging employee experiences, reducing customer time to relief and building cross-enterprise workflow apps faster.

What benefits do employees reap from ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

Always a query that starts with the HR team but will involve other departments like ITAM or finance to get the query resolved. A single platform unifies all processes, hence a logical choice for many. ServiceNow HR Service Delivery offers a centralized platform to resolve queries, creating a seamless service experience for employees. The platform increases employee engagement and productivity, and the by-product of this is brand loyalty for organizations.

Case and Knowledge Management with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

HR case and knowledge management can be created, viewed, and edited for organizations. The app makes HR services (Employee Service Management) efficient regulating documentation, interaction and thus resolving the employee query. An employee can enquire via chat, email, or phone about any topic, and the platform is built to accommodate all modes of communication.

A major pain point for any service desk is the call not reaching the right representative to resolve the query. Employees or callers getting tossed around is very prevalent. That is why creating a stronger knowledge base is crucial for HR case management, as it can be accessed by everyone. Build it with standard procedures related to every query, and it will increase the efficiency of case management.

Employee Service Center (Employee Service Management) with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

It's a boon to get your queries answered immediately, and that is where a virtual chatbot of a service desk comes in handy. Apart from knowledgebase articles giving information on employee benefits, payroll, insurance, etc., virtual chatbots have found a place in the realm of service centers. It will also free up the HR agent's time in performing simple tasks like password reset or unlocking the password, which can be done by employees at their end. Help is always at hand, but tasks that can be automated will drastically reduce the cost of the HR service center and improve the overall productivity of employees.

Employee Lifecycle with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

As we have pointed out earlier, HR is the single point of contact for any employee, be it for the on-boarding or off-boarding process. ServiceNow HR portal consolidates and streamlines them right from creating the employee profile. It automatically assigns tasks to the different departments that are involved and gets them done like employee ID card, laptop from the IT team, employee payroll enrollment from the finance team, etc. A seamless workflow is created, eliminating manual processes that an HR persona has to do. It ensures that employees are inducted from any location and more suitable for the current work from home situation. Likewise, the app shuts down an employee profile when the employee's off-boarding process is completed.

Employee Document Management with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

When an employee is inducted, a large volume of documents pertaining to that employee must be maintained. The HR Service Delivery tool of ServiceNow can be leveraged to maintain these documents without any manual intervention. It will also help organizations to define retention policies, have time frames for retention of different types of documents while placing a legal hold on documents.

HR Surveys with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

From time to time, it is important to have a reality check about our system for continuous service delivery. That is where surveys help us to keep delivering our services by reworking on processes. Surveys will help connect with employees, and the feeling of being heard is a big incentive for any employee.

HR Dashboards and Reports for HR Service Delivery

Dashboards and reports help us understand the status regarding progress, performance metrics, monitor employee satisfaction with visual representations of accountability. ServiceNow HR Service Delivery portal can help in building strategies through these reports for your organization.

In Conclusion

Having decades of experience working with large and mid-size enterprises under its belt, Jade Global is well poised to address your Service Delivery requirements. Achieve infinite possibilities through the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform with Jade Global's expert team helping you at every stage.

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