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ServiceNow has emerged as a leader in providing a robust cloud computing platform that helps enterprises enrich and manage their day-to-day digital workflows.

ServiceNow as a tool for IT Service Management (ITSM)

ServiceNow quickly rose to prominence as an IT service management (ITSM) tool, for it gave enterprises the ability to automate many of the repetitive and manual tasks related to IT operations. For example, it can automatically raise and assign incident tickets, track the status of change requests, and monitor the health of IT infrastructure. The capabilities derived from ServiceNow save time for IT teams and improve the overall efficiency of IT operations.

Customizable ServiceNow ITSM

Another ServiceNow advantage is its highly customizable platform, which makes it a versatile solution for companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries.

Expansion to ITOM and ITBM

Over the years, ServiceNow has also expanded its capabilities beyond ITSM to include IT Operation Management (ITOM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) capabilities. It has further solidified its position as a leading IT operation management tool, preferred by global organizations for managing their entire IT ecosystem.

The SaaS Advantage

Organizations looking to move their IT operations to the cloud prefer the ServiceNow tool for its subscription-based pricing model, easy integration, and scalability options.

ServiceNow Ticketing Tool

ServiceNow is a Ticketing tool with an edge over other ticketing tools because it provides various functionalities and benefits that other ticketing tools are incapable of.

ServiceNow Ticketing Tool Features and Benefits

  • ServiceNow has a wide range of product catalogs to accommodate all organizational needs. Organizations using ServiceNow have seen better-quality self-service experiences for employees and customers.
  • ServiceNow is a powerful tool that effectively manages a broad range of IT operations, from incident and change management to IT asset and service catalog management.
  • ServiceNow ticketing tool excels in incident management. It automatically raises and assigns incident tickets, tracks the incidents' status, and ensures that they are resolved promptly. Such a feature helps IT teams quickly and efficiently resolve issues, improving IT systems' overall availability and stability.
  • ServiceNow ITSM tool is commonly used in change management. It allows organizations to track and manage IT system changes, including planned and emergency changes. With that functionality, IT teams better manage the risks associated with changes and ensure that they are implemented in a controlled and compliant manner.
  • ServiceNow ticketing tool also provides inclusive IT asset management capabilities. It allows organizations to track inventory and manage their IT assets, including hardware, software, and licenses. Thus, organizations could better understand their IT estate and ensure they are using their resources in the most efficient way possible.
  • Additionally, ServiceNow offers a service catalog feature that allows organizations to manage their customers' services. This feature enables IT teams to define and publish the services they offer, track requests for those services, and manage the fulfillment of those requests. It helps IT teams manage their resources better and ensure that they deliver value to the business.

ServiceNow Products

  • ITSM – Information Technology Service Management
  • ITBM – Information Technology Business Management
  • CSM – Customer Service Management
  • ITAM - Information Technology Asset Management
  • SAM – Software Asset Management
  • HRSD – Human Resource Service Delivery

Servicenow benefits

What makes ServiceNow Market Leader Compared to Other tools?

ServiceNow provides edgy features or capabilities that make it stand out from other competing tools.

  • ServiceNow is not any industry or domain, or sector specific.

    It can be implemented in any organization, including IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, etc. The beauty of the ServiceNow tool is that it serves every organization's needs with its innovation and transformation capabilities.

  • ServiceNow integration capabilities

    It integrates with most enterprise tools. ServiceNow integration capabilities have enabled hundreds of customers to leverage tool capacities and increase their value while introducing efficiencies across the enterprise using different platforms according to the needs of an organization.

  • ServiceNow effectively handles repetitive tasks

    ServiceNow Tool creates workflows that eliminate duplicate processes and increase operational efficiency.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    It provides different cost models according to an organization's product or module selection.

  • Virtual agent capability

    It provides Live Chat functionality to internal as well as external stakeholders.

  • No cost of any infrastructure

    Because ServiceNow is a cloud-based system, organizations need not invest in any additional infrastructure to implement it

  • Security

    ServiceNow implements robust security features like edge encryption to safeguard data. It also offers role-based controls to prevent unauthorized users from downloading and viewing documents or viewing specific fields.

  • Independent operability

    Each organization has a separate ServiceNow Instance, which provides a dedicated server and database, resulting in high performance.

  • Availability

    The tool is always available to customers. In the last few years, ServiceNow has shown an average of 99.8% availability to its customers.

  • Scalability

    ServiceNow is scalable to fit the needs of all sizes of organizations across industries, irrespective of the user base.

  • User impersonation

    ServiceNow allows user impersonation, which allows checking the functionality for specific users.

Endnote- Get the best of ServiceNow with Jade Global

The ServiceNow benefits are so elaborate that organizations can effectively manage their IT workflows and operations. With the flexibility to use from anywhere, customization and scalability,

ServiceNow is a consolidated platform that provides uniformity to organizations by automating their repetitive tasks and giving them capabilities beyond ITSM.

Jade is a ServiceNow Elite Partner trusted for ServiceNow implementation, integration, and managed services. Our recognition as an Elite Partner demonstrates our two decades of excellence in 120+ successful ServiceNow implementations with an average CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of 4.8. Jade also has custom implementation accelerators like Jade RightStart, Jade Connect, etc.

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