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Enterprise Service Management ServiceNow (ESM ServiceNow) uses ITSM principles and capabilities in business operations to improve their performance, service, and outcomes. Traditional Service Management tools create many barriers in achieving the goal and all that you have are disparate data processes and money that is spent on firefighting the issues. The goal of ESM platform is to give organizations the ability to deliver and support services for employees.

ServiceNow Enterprise Service Management (ESM Platform) Offerings

The ITSM software helps streamline communication between the IT department and other departments using a standard set of best practices. ESM had evolved from ITSM as it helps different departments across the enterprise communicate and function with shared goals and again with a standard set of best practices. It enables better service delivery for business teams like Human Resources (HR), legal, facilities, marketing, and finance.

Other departments like HR or facilities had also offered internal "service", but it did not contain the structure and framework offered in ITSM. Building a service desk which could be used by all teams throughout the organization is one example of ESM. It builds on IT workflows so that they can efficiently manage service demand and delivery with a service management tool.

What is ESM ServiceNow?

Forrester, who had largely coined the name ESM, has defined it as “extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases; managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.”

The company brings together company-wide processes in the enterprise cloud platform. It provides resilient and transparent information that can be accessed by anyone in the organization.

How ESM ServiceNow transforms the way a business thinks and acts?

One unified Portal

The one problem large organizations face is information getting lost in the woods. Every team offers a range of services, the Facilities team gets complaints about repairs that need immediate attention, the HR receives queries about leaves or insurance policies, wherein the IT gets pinged for laptop issues. All these must be coming under an umbrella to have a complete view of information. ESM helps companies to have it on a unified portal to have comprehensive information to generate periodic reports.

Workflow Ease

There should not be any gap in the communication that is flowing through. For instance, suppose an employee complains about a laptop issue, the hardware team and the procurement team should be notified so that the employee gets a replacement laptop, and the hardware team has the spare parts for the repair. ESM ServiceNow orchestrates smooth workflow, through automated steps.

Increase in productivity

The ticket tracking process helps teams to respond to queries and requests quickly. Everyone can track the status of a ticket and there is clarity in the workflow process. This cuts out the gaps in the process, and unnecessary queues in the logs, thus increasing the productivity of teams. Teams can be proactive, and TAT gets minimized.

Cutting Out Extra Frills

Clearly identifying the resources and activities and understanding their value will cut out the extra frills. trails the resources that add no value, will also help us cut costs and eventually it will benefit the organization.

Identifying Problem Areas

When everything gets tracked diligently, the problem areas are identified and finding a solution is much easier. There is more clarity in the processes and your employees can focus on important things. As the processes are smooth, there is more employee engagement too.

Increased User Satisfaction

If a team keeps the internal users happy, it will reflect in their work and eventually your external users will also find a difference in the services.

Cutting Edge Technology

Disruptive technologies can change the way industry functions; hence it is crucial for businesses to have technologies that will help them take a leap. It is important to choose your service provider who has the expertise to assess your process workflows and advise you on the best solution. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to any platform or service. ESM provides a strategic approach to utilizing IT Service Management in other spheres of an organization with the sole purpose of improving efficiency, scalability, performance, exibility, and service delivery.

How do you implement ESM in your organization?

Jade Global provides mature principles and capabilities to deliver the right solution to reduce your operational cost and improve the ROI for your enterprise service delivery. Jade Global's versatile and innovative ServiceNow platform delivers an improved employee and customer experience that is essential for successful digital transformation. ESM is not necessarily digital transformation, but it kickstarts the automation process.

Jade Global strategizes the adoption of robust Enterprise Service Management ServiceNow strategies and ITIL best practices. To help with this process Jade uses its accelerator, Jade RightStart, which bundles in all the learnings and best practices to deliver high-quality services and successful implementations.

ServiceNow IT service management is the craft of implementing, managing, and delivering IT services to meet the needs of an organization. It ensures that the appropriate mix of people, processes, and technology are right in place to provide value.

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