Today across the modern enterprise, whether it’s IT, Facilities, HR, Field Service, or Customer Service of any other department, there is a constant challenge to deliver the highest level of service, and be efficient and innovative at the same time. ServiceNow provides a scalable platform to enable each department create services, provide an intuitive service experience and deliver them efficiently. The company believes that nearly everything can be delivered ‘as a service’ in ServiceNow. Essentially, Enterprise Service Management is emerging as a third estate between ERP and CRM systems. 13483247_10154269797293518_4294814752024439060_o

As they strive to get a competitive advantage, enterprises are embracing a best-of-breed enterprise application strategy. For example, companies use ServiceNow for Service Management, Oracle or SAP or NetSuite for ERP and, or Dynamics for CRM. However, these applications probably don’t work very well with each other. The biggest challenge of a multi-app strategy is the inherent complexity – different technologies, different interfaces, different services, and different terminology. Most of the applications offer some in-built integration capabilities, tools and techniques but companies are left with the complex task of designing and building functionally working integrations between them. Enterprise can take different approaches for integrating the applications – Point to Point integration, Integration using EAI Tools or Integration using ETL Tools. They can choose any of these approaches or a hybrid approach. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantage. With the explosive growth in enterprise cloud applications, deciding on an integration approach is becoming more and more difficult. About JadeConnect JadeConnect solves this enterprise applications integration puzzle by providing a complete set of solutions and a portfolio of prebuilt integrations for all integration needs around ServiceNow. Typically, most enterprises that use ServiceNow also use other cloud applications. The JadeConnect integration solution, powered by the ServiceNow platform supports two way, real-time or batch integration from ServiceNow to packaged or custom applications residing in the cloud or on-premise. Features
  • Powered By ServiceNow Platform: JadeConnect is built on top of ServiceNow’s secure, reliable, and trusted enterprise application platform
Configurable: JadeConnect offers a multitude of configuration options to optimize the integration to fit your business requirements
Customizable: JadeConnect allows you to seamlessly configure end-to-end business process as per your business requirements with the help of pre-built “SmartAdapters”. Innovative interface seamlessly manages field mapping, validations, transformation and actions
Monitor: A simple yet intuitive dashboard to monitor and manage each instance of an integration flow. Easily track integration flows – number of processed records, identify errors and address issues through retry capabilities
Pre-built Application Adapters: JadeConnect offers enterprise-grade prebuilt integrations between well-known applications, where the “SmartAdapters” focus on business functionality and processes. Every adapter comes pre-built with a set of field mappings, transformation rules, validation rules and business actions
Key Benefits
  • Integrate any enterprise with and through ServiceNow
  • Built on the proven ServiceNow platform
  • Provides multiple prebuilt connectors for third-party business application connectivity
JadeConnect is a certified integration solution which does not require additional middleware and offers multi-platform connectivity with industry leading packaged solutions. To know more about JadeConnect, please visit

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