What is ServiceNow? And How to Implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow is known for providing the best possible service to our employees and customers. It is a platform that allows you to manage all your organization’s operations and services in one place and helps to organize and streamline processes.

What is Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) in ServiceNow?

ServiceNow HRSD is a module of the ServiceNow platform that digitizes, organizes, and streamlines a wide range of HR services in a single, integrated web portal. ServiceNow HRSD is the antidote to siloed back-end HR systems; it has extensive HR capabilities and is designed to integrate with your existing HR technology landscape. ServiceNow HRSD also acts as a beachhead for delivering consistent experiences and service across departments, promoting self-service, wherever possible, to see what ServiceNow HRSD can offer your employees.

First and foremost, ServiceNow HRSD has an Employee Center that provides employees with an intuitive and engaging employee experience by providing them with a virtual one-stop-shop portal with all the HR services they need. It also offers case and knowledge management capabilities, enabling employees to submit inquiries and service requests through a single virtual contact. Employees with Employee Center always know where to go when they have questions or problems so that HR professionals can focus on essential activities.

The platform’s onboarding and migration feature quickly and systematically guide users through the employee journey. ServiceNow HRSD has a workflow with useful modular elements; in other words, it is inherently flexible and can be configured to conform to an organization’s internal policies, allowing you to design your onboarding program with individual tasks and checklists.

ServiceNow HRSD manages and tracks the services of your HR department in an employee-focused system. ServiceNow HRSD CatLog can support your existing HR systems to provide employees with a central portal to locate pre-defined services such as benefits and employee-related items.

What are ServiceNow HRSD Functionalities and Advantages?

ServiceNow HRSD targets three groups of people: 1) HR staff, 2) employees, and 3) contingent workers. HR departments benefit from HRSD because the platform organizes workflow, and automates manual tasks, resulting in increased productivity, and reduced HR department workloads, which allows them to perform value-added work.

ServiceNow HRSD also improves employee productivity because it is a single engagement layer that includes all HR services, ensuring employees don’t have to seek answers to questions or solutions to problems across multiple systems. In short, the platform improves and simplifies the employee experience.

The 3 “P” Principles – People Management, Profit Management, and Performance Management

These principles are key pillars of an organization for effective productivity.

Employee Onboarding is an important step for any organization, and it should consider these 3 “P” Principles.

Service now

Current Challenges in Employee Onboarding

Onboarding and transitioning ServiceNow employees is a hectic task for HR. When you ask HR, they usually tell you their most complex and time-consuming task is onboarding and transition. With previous technologies, organizations didn’t have a single platform to manage all their work in one place. The onboarding process depends on multiple people, and this is a problem that needs solving, and various related issues can cause last-minute problems and reduce efficiency.

Some of the Biggest Challenges When Onboarding Employees

Service now

  • Requires more paperwork to collect data
  • The process involves more complex and extensive datasheets
  • Reliance on multiple departments to onboard people
  • HR departments may use multiple apps for various purposes to coordinate processes

If you’ve ever worked in HR, you must be aware of these daily challenges in onboarding new hires. New hires lose interest in the company when the hiring process gets chaotic, and you’ll find that employees handling many onboarding applications begin to lose enthusiasm for the company.

Every company needs an automated workflow to organize these tasks and improve the employee experience while keeping the total cost of ownership low. The onboarding process is an essential step for employees to join any organization. Employees should be welcome to join your organization, and only you can ensure that they continue to work for your organization with full enthusiasm.

ServiceNow’s Role in Efficient Onboarding of Employees

ServiceNow plays a vital role in your organization’s workflow - a derivative for smooth functionality and efficient onboarding.

ServiceNow provides an organized, oriented workflow that automates routine tasks and helps HR perform all tasks, such as documents, collaboration, and repetitive tasks, on a single ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow HRSD Employee Onboarding allows you to effectively onboard and manage the entire employee lifecycle in one place.


  • Added Automation

    Automate the entire process to increase productivity. It provides a platform for employees to feel familiar with that helps them get started effectively from day one, saving the management team time for other innovations and projects.

  • Self-Service

    Employees can now take advantage of advanced features by performing self-service to see all details and steps in one place. Usually, new employees have many questions and want to explore their respective fields. With ServiceNow, you can resolve queries directly through this platform instead of lining up and talking to HR personnel.

  • Improving Efficiency

    HR personnel receives a large number of requests. ServiceNow helps meet the demand of all employees and provides the best talent management services, thereby reducing the time it takes to extract queries.

  • Transparency

    ServiceNow HRSD provides employees and employers with end-to-end visibility. Employers can track reports and dashboards about an employee’s work from a dedicated dashboard that shows employee ROI, which is also viewable by employees to track their tasks and what jobs and dates are assigned to them.

  • Resource Availability

    Employers have access to all resources and information in one place. Employers ensure that employees have timely access to all necessary materials and equipment. You are responsible for approving all requests in the portal per ServiceNow’s policies.

    Service now


ServiceNow offers the most effective onboarding solution. Simplify all HR operations and keep all processes independent. Onboarding to ServiceNow improves the quality and experience of employees’ work, ultimately increasing productivity.

About Jade as a ServiceNow Partner

Jade Global is a ServiceNow Elite Partner specializing in implementing the ServiceNow suite of Service Management, IT Operations Management, and Business Management solutions. Jade is also a technology partner, reseller, and approved ServiceNow Express implementation partner. We provide a full spectrum of advisory, implementation, and support services to help new and existing ServiceNow clients leverage the platform and maximize their investment.

Please visit: To learn more about our ServiceNow services, ServiceNow Integration and Implementation | ServiceNow Partner (jadeglobal.com)

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