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Five9 - the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Akankshya Aparajita
July 7, 2020

Five9 is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution for inbound, outbound, blended and omnichannel contact center around the world.


Why Five9?

  • Exceptionally Reliable and Secure Cloud Contact Center
  • Client First Approach to Ensure Your Success
  • Enable Agents to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences
  • Incredibly Customizable and Configurable


Five9 and CRM -Together

  • Five9 furnishes robust pre-assembled integration with driving CRM solutions - Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle, and Zendesk so that agents have the data to fulfill clients. 
  • The Five9 Agent Desktop Toolkit offers Custom CRM Integrations (broad system of REST APIs, reference UIs, and different tools to build solutions that influence specialist encounters and business brings about turnkey and custom environment. syntax_image
  • Being a Leader in CRM Integration, Five9 implantation in CRM makes an amazing blend of telephony and CRM that works better together. 

Five9 Call Center Software Features:

  1. Inbound Call Center:

    Convey extraordinary customer service by utilizing the omnichannel routing capability of Five9 Inbound Cloud Call Center software by aligning a customer to the best agent inevitably.

    • Omnichannel ACD: syntax_image

      It empowers agents to be increasingly powerful when taking care of customer collaborations - convey a superior service experience with Omnichannel Interactions across telephone, email, chat, mobile, social and the sky is the limit from there. Five9 Commitment Work process utilizes NLP(Natural Language Processing) and Five9’s Intelligent Omnichannel Routing interfaces clients to the right agent.

    • CTI: syntax_image

      Computer telephony integration (CTI) is utilized comprehensively to allude to a framework's capacity to provide an agent with customer data (called as Screen-pops) as a customer interaction is conveyed to an agent to customize administration with subsequent stage direction before they get the telephone. It guarantees that when a customer interaction is conveyed to an agent, that agent knows customer details, the issue they are confronting, and now and again has suggestions for the following best intention for help the customer.

    • IVR: syntax_image

      Five9 makes it simple to plan and utilize self-service approaches that use propelled voice recognition and visual IVR techniques. It helps clients tackle issues quicker, let free up agents to concentrate on higher-esteem interactions, and convey outstanding customer experience. Five9 IVR empowers you to reduce expenses via routine call automation. It identifies customers and customize self-assistance flow.

  2. Outbound Call Center:

    Five9 provides Auto-Dialer Modes in the form of four customizable dialing modes (i.e. Smart Dialers) skirt no-answers and occupied signs to significantly increase agent talk time with live possibilities.

    • Predictive Dialers: syntax_image

      Five9 outbound permits organisations to make outbound calls to recognized lists of contacts in a predictable and effective way. The Five9 Predictive Dialer drastically builds the quantity of live interactions for your agents. With a predictive numerical calculation, Five9 accomplishes the difficult work of getting a live individual on the telephone. This spares time for agents from tuning in to unanswered calls or occupied signs and agents can concentrate on conversing with individuals who are prepared to talk.

    • Preview Dialers: syntax_image

      Five9 Preview Dialer permits each contact record to be naturally conveyed to agents dependent on your outbound campaign settings, business rules and best practices. It empowers agents to survey contact details preceding placing a call, guaranteeing they are completely prepared before interacting with the customer. The system consequently dials dependent on campaign settings, and agents can alternatively skip records if appropriate. This feature enables your agents while leveraging automation, guaranteeing amazing customer interactions.

    • Power Dialers: syntax_image

      Five9 Power Dialer is an automated phone dialing system that interfaces prospects with agents more productively by permitting agents to concentrate on live connections rather than manual dialing. When an agent is available, the system naturally dials the following contact records dependent on that ratio. With this setting, the contact center is given extreme command over their automatic dialing rates.

      Five9 Power Dialer expands the measure of time agents spend conversing with genuine prospects and customers. A power dialer is particularly valuable when there are few agents and countless prospects. Also, Five9 offers time zone rules alongside vertical and rundown dialing highlights, so you can alter dialing conduct to your consistence and business needs.

    • Progressive Dialers:

      Five9 Progressive Dialer is an automated phone dialing system that just interfaces agents to calls replied by a live individual. Here, the dialer goes through your calling records over various campaigns at the speed of your tasks. The system naturally paces dialing dependent on ongoing connection and relinquishment rates and possibly dials when an agent is available.

  3. Administrative Feature:

    The core of every contact center is the capacity to gauge and screen the presentation of the business. Five9 gives simple access to the data you have to screen the key measurements of your contact center and create operational bits of knowledge for process improvement.

    Five9 provides real-time and historical dashboards and reporting based on best practices.


    Five9 Performance Dashboard gives recent business performance measurements in a role-based, outwardly powerful medium that can target agents, managers and administrators with the privilege basic information from divergent systems like CRM, WFO, contact center and different techniques. It helps to monitor the contact center, oversee agents and respond quickly to the evolving conditions.

    Five9 historical reporting incorporates an assortment of customization's including report templates, data columns, grouping, filtering, sorting, and time periods.

    Five9 Supervisor Plus gives a customer-driven structure for administrators placing real-time omnichannel insights readily available and empowering fast reaction to changing business needs.

Five9 deep integration into the Service Cloud

With regards to your customers, we need our agents to have the correct data readily available to give everybody an amazing experience. The Five9 integration to Salesforce was mutually intended to address the requirement of our customers and endeavor with an exceptionally reliable, scalable, and secure approach.

  1. Powerful Interaction Routing: Successfully organize, prioritize and route calls and voice messages to the correct agent at the perfect time. Furnish inbound callers with IVR self-administration applications. syntax_image
  2. Data-Rich Screen Pops: Match inbound and outbound customer data and give "screen pops" by opening related Salesforce records. Agents see customer information preceding to the interaction.
  3. Click to-call from Salesforce to handily connect with customers and prospects.
  4. Campaign & List Integration: Incorporate campaigns, calling lists, and predictive dialing to support potential customers and conversion rates.
  5. Automatic Interaction Logs: Store logs consequently when an interaction ends guaranteeing that each communication is saved in the system of record - Keeping team members in sync regarding all customer and prospect correspondence.
  6. Agent Interaction Control: Engage agents with rich interaction taking care of communication channels, for example, recording, cold or warm exchanges and conferences, click-to-dial and many more - all from inside a solitary Salesforce desktop.


Five9 Genius, the smart cloud contact center, is based on an exceptionally solid, secure and adaptable cloud platform. That makes it simple to quickly preliminary and convey new services, while future sealing your business by supporting AI and other developing advancements. What's more, because your contact place is in the cloud, you will approach the most recent abilities through no-contact, non-problematic real-time upgrades.

About the Author

Akankshya Aparajita, Associate Analyst, CRM

Akankshya Aparajita is working with Jade Global as an Associate Analyst in CRM. She has 2 years of extensive involvement in effective delivery and implementation of projects on Sales cloud, Lightning, Service Cloud, Communities. She works with the business to examine and provide solutions for current association of Jade Global's customers.

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