Read how Non-profits can benefit from Salesforce NPSP to transform their CRM operations. This highly customizable and free solution has some truly unique offerings to unleash Salesforce to your most significant advantage.

What is NPSP?

The Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) is a package of a Salesforce CRM configuration which is freely available on AppExchange. It includes numerous features that specifically refer to the non-profit sector. The NPSP combines the flexibility to build Salesforce to meet the desiderata and the goals of your organization. It utilizes out-of-the-box configuration without the much desideratum for customization.

Benefits of NPSP:

NPSP avails Non-profit Organization in various ways like:

  • It helps manage contacts, households and personal accounts, donation payments, organization accounts and affiliations, campaigns, and grant lifecycles.
  • It tracks the relationships between contacts, donations, and recurring donations.

If you are part of non-profits, where tracking the donations and incrementing eleemosynary(charitable) gifts are a crucial part of your funding, then NPSP is your answer. NPSP includes many out-of-the-box options for tracking standard donations, pledges, grants, in-kind donations, recurring gifts, matching gifts, major gifts, and many more. You can follow where the gift is being directed to, utilizing the General Accounting Unit (GAU) object. You can further track grant deliverables and even soft credits for both contacts and businesses. Furthermore, all these items are still fully customizable, so you can engender and adjust fields to meet your organization's categorical desiderata.

These implementations also include numerous fields to help you track if a donor has been acknowledged, what campaign or fundraising initiative prompted them to donate, and whether a gift was in honor of someone.

Another essential aspect of NPSP that is exceptionally advantageous for non-profits is the Roll-up Summary Fields.

It is important to note that standard Salesforce CRM does not contain these fields. These are a part of the NPSP package specifically. We can manage settings through the NPSP setting feature. These fields allow us to track things like First Donation Date, First Donation Amount, Last Donation Date, Last Donation Amount, Total Gifts, Total Giving This Year (Last Year, 2 Years Ago), Total Soft Credits, and more automatically. To track the donations, the values in these fields are automatically calculated based on the Opportunity records. Additionally, if there are other ways in which your organization would like to track a donor's giving, you have the option to turn on Customizable Roll-ups. This helps you create roll-up fields that meet your specific needs, with the original ones at your disposal too.

NPSP also offers customization to track program details, volunteer activity, management of campaign activities like table booking, meal, etc.

NPSP Licenses Pricing

To Non-Profit Organizations, Salesforce provides 10 free Enterprise Edition Licenses of Salesforce Sales Cloud - CRM.

Non-Profit Organizations can use free NPSP (Non-profits Prosperity Pack). First, you must assess if your organization and you are eligible to receive the Salesforce free licenses. You can check the eligibility here.

Once you confirm the eligibility, head straight to and sign up for the Free Trial.

Bag a Free Trial to get access to 10 Salesforce free licenses.

NPSP majorly works for


  • Fundraising for Non-profits: Fundraising is significant for non-profits because to consummate the main moto of Non-profits, i.e., to run charitable trusts or businesses, fundraising is the critical aspect. It fortifies the leading cause with financial revenue and establishes opportunities for future engagement with donors. Fundraising benefits the community or an individual in the community who needs financial aid.
  • Engagement for Non-profits: For non-profits, engagement can mean volunteer participation in the campaigns, donations, or advocacy work. This requires Non-profits to devise strategies that consider their intrigues and organizational resources to engage the right audience for these activities. The non-profit volunteer wants to work in a place where they can advance, learn, and improve their skills. Studies confer that employees who feel attached to their work on an emotional level are more likely to be engaged well with it.
  • Program Management with Non-profit Cloud:Non-profit Cloud allows organizations to quantify and manage their programs more effectively. Program Management is an open source app which provides objects that are utilizable for program management. Program management, coupled with NPSP, allows you to record data to track households and maintain client relationships. Non-profits need to adopt different project life cycles to fulfil the needs related to funding (grants, donations, etc.) and acquiring project team (volunteers).

Get a head start with Salesforce Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) before you deep dive and encounter the full force of Salesforce CRM.

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