Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been trending and has created a lot of buzz lately. While it might seem that the Commerce Cloud is a recent innovation; contrary to popular belief this legacy started with ‘Demandware’.

Demandware is a cloud-based software that was acquired by Salesforce and has since been given a fresh spin. But the question that so often arises is that how do we know if Salesforce Commerce Cloud is suitable for our Organization or not? Let’s find out.


What is Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based software that provides the best in class service to end users to enrich their experience also gives the client a sharp edge over its competitors by providing feature-rich SAAS software.

The Commerce cloud allows you to connect with your end-users anytime, anywhere on any platform. It provides a better online shopping experience and allows the enterprise to deploy its campaign, marketing, and promotion needs quickly which eventually will put you ahead of your competitors in the game. It also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance the user experience and provides a personalized experience to the user.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes regular innovations in technology which makes it a go-to software for every e-commerce business.


What are the features of the Commerce Cloud?

We are living in an age where the Customer is King. This means that businesses need to provide extremely personalized experiences to their customers in a seamless manner. To achieve this Salesforce provides a unique way to engage with customers where customers play an integral part in every step of the process from discovering, analyzing and service.

To make personalized customer experience, the platform has market-leading features. Though there are several it is worth highlighting some of the best features of this holy grail of E-commerce.

  • Multiple Site Management
  • Product Management
  • Responsive Mobile Designs
  • Catalog Management
  • Promotion for Target audience
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Segmentation between customers
  • Einstein Product preferences
  • Einstein Predictive sorting
  • Einstein Recommendations

What are the benefits of using the Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce provides enormous benefits of using this SaaS product.

  • Predictive Analysis: Data – plays a key role in engaging customers and giving them a personalized experience. Salesforce commerce cloud uses Einstein AI technology to analyze the data and give prediction in search, sorting and suggesting the right product to customers which eventually leads to a special experience for customers.
    Businesses can now focus more on customers by analyzing accurate data insights from Commerce cloud’s artificial intelligence which can thereby help increase sales.
  • Marketing Tools: Commerce Cloud allows organizations to add multiple products with multiple prices and which can also be done in multiple languages. Also, catalogs, images, sharing of products all can be done at one place in the Commerce Cloud. Yes, you heard it right!!!
    You can integrate the marketing cloud with the Commerce Cloud to give advertising, email marketing and manage all of this at one place.
  • Multi-Store Management: Commerce Cloud provides first in segment multi-store management system. Organizations can manage any store’s data from anywhere in the world. You may have multiple stores across the world and you want to add multiple prices and discounts for different stores all these you can do it with sole back- end. It also supports apple pay (one of the few software in the market which supports this) which makes sure customers data’s safety as well as hassle-free one-touch payment.
  • Enhanced Mobile experience: It is estimated that the total number of online shoppers may increase from 27 million users in 2017 to 225 – 250 million users in 2025 in India only.
    It’s obvious from this trend that people prefer mobile shopping over brick and mortar shops.
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a one-touch mobile payment experience. This is perhaps the best feature of Salesforce as it emphasizes on giving the best user interface.
  • Omni-channel: One of the key features of Salesforce is Omnichannel which emphasizes managing businesses over multiple channels in a single platform.
    It provides a place where you can do multiple processes like sales, order management, inventory, conversions everything at one place.
  • Outstanding Customer support: Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides the best customer service experience to their clients. From code fixing to improving security or solving any queries, Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer support is always available round the clock for your assistance.

What is the pricing model of Commerce Cloud?

For Commerce Cloud, Salesforce has come up with “Revenue Share” which allows businesses not to pay a licensing amount and instead share a part of their revenue’s profit with Salesforce.

If you want to use services of Commerce Cloud you need to share the profits with Salesforce, and which could be a win-win for both client and Salesforce also. But some clients may not find this approach appealing as it sounds.

Though the pricing model is different from regular approaches here are some of the clients currently using Commerce Cloud.


Salesforce Commence Cloud is a truly amazing software that provides a bunch of features that make your e-commerce hassle-free to manage and also enhance the customer experience.

Most of the companies which are in the merchandise market are using this software. If you are also not able to manage your e-commerce business effectively then it’s time to move your business on Commerce Cloud.

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