How Businesses can benefit from Cloud Technology Adoption

How to Adopt Cloud to Accelerate IT Modernization: Technology Adoption Methods

Remote work has certainly disrupted the way we approach work and made us think of many other ways. Organizations that were not on the Cloud struggled hard to keep up with the changing times, and many organizations understood the importance of moving their workflows and applications to the Cloud.

Cloud administrators can quickly scale to accommodate any increase in remote workers. Cloud computing is compatible because organizations can scale their computing power up or down at any point in time. It is more cost-effective for a growing business compared to adding serving in data centers. What are the benefits of cloud technology adoption?

Cost-Effective Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is a continuous process and evolving to be faster, smarter, and better than ever. As per an IDG survey, 43% of respondents, who are Enterprise IT leaders, say that larger platform and service flexibility is the most valuable benefits from using multiple public cloud platforms

Improving disaster recovery, gaining business continuity, and gaining access to best-of-breed platform and service options (both 41%) are tied as the second-most important priority IT leaders have when adopting multiple public cloud platforms. Approximately four in ten enterprises, 39%, are looking for a cost advantage when adopting multiple public cloud platforms.

The benefit of using the Cloud means that organizations have more time to work on their core business activities whilst also benefiting from lower running costs and a maximized return on investment. Using the available public cloud solution will decrease maintenance, and using available products, in turn, decreases operational expenses.

Maintaining the Business Model

The business needs are evolving at a rapid pace leading to faster ramp up and ramp down of IT services. Organizations are guided to use resources effectively in the Cloud. It is necessary to design a sustainable cost model that is tailor-made for organizations and which will enable agility and flexibility through the rapid provisioning of new services. While working around this business model, we should not lose control of the environment and spending. Let’s find out what the challenges in cloud adoption (cloud computing adoption framework).

Evolutionary Steps 1-2-3 of Jade Global

1) Cloud Assessment

Advisory & Assessment for Readiness – To ensure workloads are identified, categorized, and, if needed, refactored suitably to be migrated to the Cloud.

2) Cloud Computing Adoption

Delivers pragmatic, low-risk, evolutionary migration of client's existing landscape from traditional ''on-premises'' models in the data center to ''on-demand'' models in the Cloud.

3) Ecosystem Management and Modernization

Post-migration, Jade Global ensures continued support and operations of the workload to deliver a seamless experience with high uptime and performance.

4) Cloud Security

Jade Global's Cloud Security Services provide you with the insights to overcome today's growing security challenges. Our team of experts delivers managed security services that help you make informed decisions on cloud operations while giving you a real-time view of your enterprise data, no matter where the data resides.

Jade Global's Unique Cloud Migration Solutions

Our team of experts works closely with the clients to identify and sequence the applications most suited for migration. We set up equivalent data stores using either replication or by using Cloud provided migration services. Any other relevant workload such as caching etc. It is set up as needed. We then provision the infrastructure using automation, deploy the applications and throw the system live after adequate testing. The process and tooling are adapted to the client tech stack and specific needs of the subsequent applications as required, and the migration is completed in one or many cycles as needed.

Have a look at our Case Study of global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage, and advisory company. There were some performance issues with EBS because there were many long-running jobs that were not completed on time for the month-end close. They needed advice and recommendations to improve their performance. As cloud infrastructures are migrated as-is from OCI-C to OCI Gen2, many infra components are haphazardly provisioned, causing misalignment or improper segregation of resources, accessing resources, network design, gateways, VPN connectivity to on-prem, and other clouds such Azure, which causes difficulty in managing those resources as many of them had integrations between them.

Due to EBS Performance issues, concurrent requests and jobs were running for more than the stipulated time, affecting month-end closure. Jade Global stepped in.Learn how we transformed their operations.

Jade Global takes serious note of Data Security and compliance, and through operational data analyses, audit reports are generated, which could be used to understand the business model as well as the impacting trends for cloud technology adoption in 2022.

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