This Whitepaper describes the strategy to be adopted during the conversion of data from Legacy System into Oracle Cloud application.

It goes on to explain how we can create bulk employees in the Fusion application. What are the pre-requisites to upload the users and what is the format we can upload the data to Fusion using HCM data loader?

Oracle has defined a process to upload the users in bulk and provided a format on how we can provide the data to create the users using HCM data loader.

Prerequisites to access HCM Data loader:

Below are the roles that should get assigned to the user, from which user you want to upload the data to Fusion application.

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Human Capital Management Integration Specialist

You have to download the ‘Worker.dat’ Worker zip file from Oracle Fusion application and format the data according to the given format and then use the file to upload to Fusion application.

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