Upon Post Cloning of the Fusion Production Environment, businesses must protect the sensitive data in the Development and Test Environment. This is a crucial requirement to reduce the security risk and meet Data Compliance. The sensitive data needs to be replaced by the irreversible masked data that still adheres to the semantic structure of the data, thus, enabling the end users to complete the end-to-end business flows. With the masked data, non-production users should still be able to use the environment for Customization and Reporting Purposes.

Jade’s Solution

FDM scripts extract Supplier and Customer Information from the Fusion Cloned environment, masks sensitive data, and updates Fusion Tables using Fusion Integration Methods -– File-Based Loader, SOAP, and Web Service Calls. The Masked data will be different every time the masking process is run due to populating the sensitive columns with random numbers. This solution addresses the masking of the following Business Objects:

  • Supplier Profiles and Bank Accounts
  • Customer Profiles and Bank Accounts
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