Migration and Conversion of More than 500GB of Siebel CRM Data to Service Cloud® and Community…

Client - Infinera Corporation

Industry - Manufacturing, telecommunications equipment

About the Client

Infinera Corporation is a vertically integrated manufacturer for the telecommunications service provider market. The company provides optical transport networking solutions, equipment, and software services to Cloud operators, governments, and enterprises across the globe. Founded in 2001, Infinera holds more than 500 patents and is recognized as an industry innovator. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Products & Services

  • Service Cloud®
  • Salesforce Lightning Customer Community
  • SAP

Client Speak

Many thanks to the Jade team on the functional implementation of all the sprints for the project! Fantastic execution...We completed the UAT in flying colors with no major issues. We now have a common foundation to support our customers on. This will allow us to fully utilize our global organization, and we are better positioned to scale with the business, as we on-board new customers.

- Service Delivery,

Business Requirements

  • Implement a single date project cutover from Siebel CRM to a new Service Cloud®
  • Access entitlement and contracts with product line items and service validity dates.
  • Use the Salesforce Community portal for customer interactions, partner content, self-service case management, and Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA)
  • Integrate Salesforce Communities with a ‘to-be-determined’ storage solution such as SharePoint
  • Execute a low-impact migration of existing integrations from SAP and SharePoint. Utilize existing middleware tools; BizTalk and SAP PI/BI
  • Data conversion of Siebel CRM data
  • Provide an enterprise-grade case management, RMA, failure analysis custom application on the Force.com® platform

Migration from Siebel to Salesforce

In 2015, Infinera had been using Siebel as its primary technical support engine and customer portal. However, various core functionalities were missing. Over the subsequent years, Siebel was heavily customized to meet Infinera’s requirements. With each new customization, combined with a product End of Life scenario, there was not a long-term solution to meet Infinera’s new business needs. Further investment became difficult for Infinera to justify. Data in some situations was too fluid and the complexity of the enterprise footprint was creating pockets of duplicates in the system. This state of Service CRM became a blocker for enterprise success, affecting several business teams and the IT organization. Over the recent past, a growing disconnect between Infinera’s modern business processes and the precision of the CRM system became a critical IT initiative.

Infinera chose to migrate its Siebel system to Salesforce due to the reliable data governance, sales performance management and efficient partner management tools. Infinera was looking for a storage solution that could be integrated with Salesforce. It needed efficient data conversion and management when moving from Legacy Seibel CRM to Salesforce® Cloud. Along with this, Infinera wanted migration activities to have minimal impact on its existing SAP and SharePoint application integrations.

Business Challenges

  • Complex region and line of business compliance needs resulted in a unique service account concept that required significant design and customizations.
  • Infinera’s existing CRM was customized heavily over the years. Upgrades and enhancements were difficult.
  • Over 500 GB of data needed to be migrated from Infinera’s external system into Salesforce.
  • A tangled UX navigation made the experience dull for end users.
  • The licensing process demanded a tight project schedule

Complex Integration Structure Requires Significant Customizations

When Jade Global performed an initial analysis of Infinera’s Siebel system, it realized that many of the challenges Infinera faced were related to the user interface and inability of end users to quickly perform basic functions. There were complex region and line of business compliance needs. This resulted in a unique service account concept, which required a solution architecture with Master Data Model (MDM).

Jade Global facilitated the project introducing an agile methodology style. Infinera was transitioning away from a waterfall methodology of project management. Jade’s project team made significant design and customizations. The licensing process was on a 16-week timeline, which demanded a tight schedule. As a result, Service Cloud® had to be deployed in a single cutover over the course of one weekend.

For years, Infinera’s system had been overused. Many patches had been created in Structured Query Language (SQL) commands as workarounds to interact with the system. This resulted in a complex structure with multiple integration points that made the system difficult to manage and maintain. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box features of Salesforce only allowed for less than 5 GB of data to be transferred. Jade’s development team faced the challenge of migrating more than 500 GB

The Solution

  • Service Cloud® and Community Cloud implementations with extended brand guidelines
  • Cutover from Siebel and .NET web property
  • Salesforce integration with SAP, MSFT on-premise, and internal custom applications
  • Salesforce integration with warehouse management
  • Case Lifecycle integration with RMA transactional data
  • Dynamic Salesforce Lightning development of Service Cloud®
  • Entitlement-based software; one centralized platform to quickly access documents and train users
  • Implementation of product and service notifications to effectively communicate support information to users
  • Data conversion of Legacy case records, attachments, and large files
  • Custom SLA dashboards created for continuous monitoring
  • Case hierarchy reports created for quality managers
  • Single platform for support and sales teams to work in collaboration

Solution Delivery and Process

Jade Global’s technology experts conducted a series of workshops and joint application development sessions with Infinera. The workshops helped provide a wholistic view of the business challenges and processes. When Jade initiated the project, it realized that Infinera’s business requirements could not be met by Salesforce’s out-of-the box functionalities. Jade’s development team had to customize and build enhancements to meet those requirements.

When designing a wholistic solution, Jade Global placed a high level of importance on building entitlement-based software downloads. Jade integrated Infinera’s existing products with Salesforce Customer Communities to provide a single platform for licensing and other customer needs. Jade created a centralized documentation platform for a complete knowledge base and filters to quickly access documents. A functionality for receiving notifications was added for product information and support. The result was a next-generation, Service Cloud® and Communities solution that had integrations with SAP, and internal custom applications. Throughout the process, Jade’s project team adhered to Infinera’s branding guidelines to ensure a consistent customer experience.

The second half of the solution involved performing a complete data cleansing and migration from Siebel and creating new processes for technical support and RMA. Jade Global’s highly qualified development team used compatible applications to migrate large volumes of data from the external system to Salesforce® Cloud. This included more than 50,000 cases, 4,000 accounts, 10,000 contacts, 150,000 entitlements, 25,000 service contracts, and 100,000 assets. Jade Global established tight data governance measures to ensure data was kept secure and that there were no errors. The new solution offered service-level agreements and dashboards for quick and easy tracking. Data analytics and reports were easily accessible to Infinera’s executives from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This enhanced transparency and control of activities for business units within Infinera. Following the implementation, Jade provided support.

Business Benefits

  • Improved accessibility across the organization due to mobile adoption.
  • Ability to focus on roadmap and pending enhancements for the future.
  • More positive, transparent, and quicker RMA experience for Infinera customers.
  • User-enabled reporting and analytics allow quality managers to easily fetch hierarchy-based reports.
  • Improved inventory management and operations.
  • Hassle-free entitlement management process flow.
  • Enhanced user experience for software downloads.
  • Improved knowledge base experience through platform filters.
  • Reduced time for software search and downloads.
  • Improved collaboration and internal communication across project teams and IT.
  • Moving from on-premise to Cloud prevented end-of-life support challenges.

Service® Cloud Benefits and Results

Jade Global executed a fast-paced Service Cloud® development approach. The new Salesforce® system empowered Infinera users with the ability to smoothly execute a sales cycle and access information in real-time. In addition to improving the flow of sales processes, Salesforce helped simplify the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process. The RMA experience became more positive, transparent and quicker for Infinera’s customers.

Inventory management improved when Infinera’s return merchandizing process was simplified. Jade Global integrated Salesforce directly with warehouse management to eliminate the role of third-party applications. The new entitlement management process flow made service contract management hassle-free. Moreover, the move to Service Cloud® ultimately prevented the need of end-of-life support on Infinera’s old Legacy Seibel system. The new system gave Infinera a cohesive platform to manage their sales workflow, as well as future-proof the business.