Client: Universal Audio (UA)

Industry: Manufacturer

About the Client

Founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio has been synonymous with innovative recording products since its inception. The late Bill Putnam Sr. was a passionate innovator who is widely regarded as the father of modern recording - with many of his legendary studio and equipment designs still in use today. Universal Audio was the inventor of the modern recording console, the multi-band audio equalizer, the vocal booth, and the use of artificial reverberation in commercial recording.

Universal Audio was re-founded in 1999 by Bill's sons, James Putnam, and Bill Putnam Jr., with two main goals: to faithfully reproduce classic analog recording equipment in the tradition of their father and to design new digital recording tools with the sound and spirit of vintage analog technology.

Business Challenges

Universal Audio had a significant dependency on this 3PL associates for manually creating item fulfillment records in NetSuite with the appropriate record details. This process involved the manual entry of serial numbers and 3PL’s tracking numbers, adding a layer of complexity to their operations.

  • Universal Audio had to send daily order fulfillment details to 3PL’s WMS for processing.
  • The 3PL provider used to fulfill the orders and manage order details within their own system.

Business Requirements

NetSuite 3PL integration

Universal Audio faced the challenge of NetSuite integration with the 3PL Warehouse system offered by US West Coast 3PL provider. The objective was to automate the item fulfillment process for West Coast locations, specifically their main distribution hub and reverse logistics warehouse.

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NetSuite Integration Solutions offered by Jade

As a dedicated NetSuite integration services partner, Jade presented customized solutions to tackle these hurdles. They orchestrated a seamless integration between NetSuite and 3PL’s system of record, capitalizing on the power of available APIs, all without the need for middleware intervention.

Jade's solutions include:

  • Implementation of custom scripts within NetSuite that automated the data retrieval and validation.
    • Scripts that read the fulfilled sales order data from the 3PL’s system and create the item fulfillment in the NetSuite system.
    • Scripts that read/fetch the data of the fulfilled sales orders in the 3PL’s WMS system.
  • Secure storage of validated data as txt files in NetSuite's file cabinet.
  • Automated generation of item fulfillment records, including serial numbers and tracking details.
  • Real-time email notifications for the 3PL’s monitoring personnel in case of validation issues.
  • Automated reprocessing of failed records in subsequent runs for enhanced efficiency and error handling. This comprehensive approach enhanced operational efficiency, saving valuable time and reducing data security risks.

Business Benefits Delivered

Jade Global, a trusted NetSuite integration partner, orchestrated a solution that yielded remarkable benefits for Universal Audio. The item fulfillment process for the 3PL’s locations saw full automation, erasing the dependency on their associates for manual record creation. This transformation not only streamlined operations but also delivered substantial cost savings. Prior to Jade Global's intervention, the 3PL’s associates manually handled item fulfillment in the NetSuite system.

Universal Audio's strategic partnership with Jade Global for NetSuite Integration Services resulted in the following:

  • Increased Efficiency:

    Achieved 25-40% time savings daily for 1 FTE 3PL personnel, enhancing operational productivity.

  • Cost Savings:

    Reduced NetSuite user licenses for 3PL's personnel, saving on operational costs.

  • Heightened Security:

    Strengthened data security, preventing unauthorized access to Universal Audio's NetSuite system by third-party personnel.

  • Improved Oversight and Accuracy:

    Enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, ensuring higher accuracy and enforcement of processes.

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