Client: Hydrafacial – Germany Subsidiary of Beauty Health

Industry: Beauty products and Skincare Industry

About the Client

Hydrafacial wanted to streamline its Sales and Marketing activities. It wanted to have better dashboarding capabilities for Sales and improve customer satisfaction by delivering the product on time. They also wanted to automate their manual work and reduce operational costs.

Jade implemented NetSuite CRM, Record to Report, Inventory, P2P & O2C modules. Also, Jade helped clients with NetSuite integration with their eCommerce portal and 3PL system to facilitate smooth shipping operations. As a result, Hydrafacial was able to decommission its legacy system, eliminate major operational issues, and accurately value its inventory to reduce safety stock levels.

NetSuite Case Study -The Business Benefits

Hydrafacial experienced the following transformative benefits of seamless and efficient business operations with Jade's NetSuite integration services.

  • NetSuite implementation and seamless integration between Hydrafacial Webshop and 3PL significantly eliminated several manual processes and, in turn, increased the efficiency and productivity of the users by about 25% while being SOX compliant.
  • Tight integration between NetSuite and 3PL and visibility of the inventory in NetSuite enabled Hydrafacial to make informed decisions on inventory purchases and thereby reduce their inventory stock levels by about 25% - 30%. This has significantly increased their operational cash flow.
  • With NetSuite implementation, Hydrafacial was able to enable shared services for finance and procurement operations resulting in the reduction of the need for 1-2 local FTES, with around $120,000 / per year of savings.
  • NetSuite integration with the bank has resulted in eliminating the manual process of reconciling and resulting in savings of 5-10 hours a week.
  • Monthly fiscal closure in Hydrafacial now takes days instead of weeks because of one integrated system for financials, inventory, and logistics data.